Healthy Snacks

Reaching for a snack between meals doesn't have to blow your calorie intake for the day. Keeping healthy snacks on-hand is actually a great way to manage your calorie intake, helping you to avoid overeating at main meals and stay energised for the duration of the day. Choosing wholesome, nutrient-rich snacks is key. Whole foods that are packed with fibre and protein can help you stay fuller for longer, providing slow-release energy your body can thrive on.

Wholesome snacks for work

Keep your office drawer a healthy snack zone with nutrient-rich snacks like trail mix, raw food bars, natural popcorn, and healthy chocolate. Harvest Box's Strawberry Milkshake trail mix contains 60% fibre-filled dried fruit, with decadent yoghurt balls thrown in for a sweet and creamy mix that's just like a milkshake. For a sweet treat to quash that 3pm chocolate craving you can't go past one of Loving Earth's 30g Luv chocolates, the perfect size to satisfy your sweet tooth. If savoury snacking is your vice, Cobs' Natural Popcorn is the ultimate wholesome snack to quell those between-meal tummy rumblings.

Take a look at our blog for more healthy snack ideas you can keep stashed away in your office drawer. >

Healthy snacks for weight loss

Healthy snacks that are full of protein and fibre are perfect for anyone watching their weight, helping to keep you full and satisfied between meals instead of hankering for a cheeky chocolate bar or bag of chips. Try any of Loving Earth's Buckinis stirred into yoghurt for a filling whole food snack that's packed with protein and essential vitamins and minerals thanks to the nutrient-rich buckwheat and other healthy ingredients. Or if you’re following a keto diet IQ Bar’s whole food bars are a delicious choice. Made from nuts, fruit, and other nutritious ingredients they’re packed with complete protein, prebiotic fibre and a unique blend of 6 brain-food ingredients like lion’s mane, choline, MCTs and omega 3s.

Best healthy snacks for kids

With all the fun, learning, and adventure that comes with being a kid no wonder they're often ravenous between meals. Providing them with energising and nutritious snacks is a great way to keep their mood and energy-levels in-check and can be an excellent opportunity to add more nutrients to their day. Some of the best healthy snack options for kids include:

Sprout Organic Plant-Based Bars

With three kid-approved flavours these bars are the ultimate nutritious snack for little bellies. Sprout have included a host of superfoods for a boost of essential vitamins & minerals, fibre, and protein but the kids won’t notice; all they’ll care about is the great taste!

Wallaby Bites

Wallaby's Yoghurt Coated Fruit & Nut Bites are a healthy snack disguised as a sweet treat, full of nutritious nuts, seeds, and fibre-packed dried fruits. They're free from gluten, wheat, and GMOs, with no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives making them gentle on little bellies.

X50 Broccoli Chips

Sneaking extra veg into kids' diets can be tricky but X50's delicious Broccoli Chips make it easy, with kids loving the flavourful crunch of these good-for-you chips. Vacuum fried in nutritious rice bran oil, they contain no trans fats or cholesterol, just energy-giving carbohydrates, gut-loving fibre, and other essential nutrients for growing bodies and developing minds.

Batlow Happles

Made from 100% fruit that’s been freeze-dried at its peak to retain maximum nutrition, these airy and crunchy fruit chips are naturally high in antioxidants with fibre and probiotics to-boot. Kids will love the sweet berry-dusted apple pieces, created by blasting bite-size pieces of apple with freeze-dried berry powder; they’re bursting with nutrients and flavour!

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