Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is a liquid solution of water and submicroscopic silver particles. It's available in a variety of forms including as an oral colloidal silver solution, colloidal silver gel, colloidal silver spray, and colloidal silver cream.

Colloidal silver has been used throughout history for its purported health benefits, with colloidal silver used in folk medicine for centuries. 

But let’s just back up a bit and answer a burning question: what exactly is colloidal silver?

What is colloidal silver? 

Colloidal silver is a liquid substance made from nanoparticles of silver suspended in water. The term ‘colloidal’ is really just a fancy name that describes the solution. It refers to the amalgamation of one substance, such as tiny silver particles, with another substance, such as water. 

Silver has a long history as an antimicrobial, water purifier, and topical ointment to ward off infection among other things. It was first used as an antimicrobial solution in the 19th century by a surgeon named B.C Crede who used it as an ointment to sterilise wounds. Today, colloidal silver products come in a diverse range of applications, from colloidal silver spray to colloidal silver gel.

But not all colloidal silver is created equal.

When buying colloidal silver there are a number of factors to consider in terms of quality and efficacy. Choosing one that’s 100% natural, contains pure-grade colloidal silver and is free from chemical stabilisers is a great place to start. Other quality indicators you can look for include the size of the silver particles and the ratio of silver particles to liquid. 

If you really want to get down to business when buying colloidal silver experts recommend consulting ‘the 4 Ps’: positive charge; purity; particle size; PPM (parts per million). 

There are lots of brands selling Australian colloidal silver that fit the bill, with the best place to buy it in Australia right here at Aussie Health Products. Our carefully curated range includes some of the best of colloidal silver products on the market and includes everything from colloidal silver spray to colloidal silver cream. 

Best Colloidal Silver Australia 

Medicines From Nature declare the most comprehensive range in Australian with varying levels of PPM, the most potent being their high-strength 100PPM Ultimate Colloidal Silver. It’s made from ultra-fine silver particles that are gauged as 99.999% purity silver, suspended in ultra-purified water that’s undergone a 10-stage laboratory water filtration to create a colloidal silver that’s considered up to 500% stronger than other colloidal silver products. 

Allan Suttons colloidal silver is popular choice of Australian colloidal silver. Their dedicated line of colloidal silver products has been produced in Western Australia since 2004, setting the benchmark for quality since the brand began. Their Colloidal Silver Spray is one of their most popular products, made from 99.9% fine silver that’s suspended in purified, de-ionised spring water. It’s 100% natural and makes for an easy-to-use and refreshing way to use colloidal silver. 

Rochway Colloidal Silver is a bacteriostatic agent that’s both high purity and premium quality. Made in Australia from filtered, distilled water and electrically charged 99.98+% fine silver, it’s both high purity and premium quality. Rochway have high standards, guaranteeing no added colour for a longer shelf life and no stabilisers or artificial ingredients. 

Reach For Life Colloidal Silver is a great all-purpose colloidal silver that’s perfect as a water sanitiser. It’s made with micro-fine silver particles that are suspended in de-ionised Grander living Water, with 50 milligrams of silver per litre.

Benefits of Colloidal Silver

The benefits of colloidal silver have been reported for centuries with proponents using it for a variety of health concerns. 

Various forms of silver colloidal have been studied for their antibacterial and antimicrobial abilities with researchers deducing colloidal silver is effective in killing a wide range of bacteria. 

Colloidal silver may aid healing of minor wounds on skin. One study found dressings containing silver are an effective barrier to developing infection. 

Colloidal silver may help the body maintain a strong immune system. Traditional folk medicine is steeped in lore that suggests colloidal silver has been used in this capacity for centuries. 

Colloidal silver spray is often used as a nasal spray with manufacturers like Allans Suttons developing dedicated nasal irrigation solution to provide relief from nasal congestion. 

Colloidal silver may be useful in improving the quality of water and is often used as a disinfectant for drinking-water.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is colloidal silver used for

Proponents use colloidal silver for a wide variety of health benefits. Some of the most popular colloidal silver uses include: colloidal silver spray for nasal congestion; colloidal silver gel for minor skin wounds; colloidal silver solution to disinfect drinking water.

How to use colloidal silver

Silver has been shown to kill microorganisms acting as an antimicrobial. Colloidal silver can be used topically as part of a dressing to help treat minor skin wounds. A colloidal silver gel or colloidal silver spray are the most popular products for this type of application. Some proponents believe using colloidal silver orally can support the immune system though more research is needed in this capacity. Other uses include for acne, as a nasal spray, and for dogs.

How to take Colloidal Silver orally

The most common colloidal silver products are in liquid tincture form. These are used in various doses though the most common advice is to not exceed 5 micrograms per kilo of body weight daily. A dosing reference chart from the Environmental Protection Agency in the US can be found here

Warnings and potential side effects

It’s important to note there are associated risks with colloidal silver products and potential side effects include Argyria, a side effect that can arise when colloidal silver builds up in the tissues of your body from significant and prolonged use. It’s advisable to consult your health care professional prior to altering your health care routine in any way, including introducing colloidal silver to your regime.

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