Sweet William Dairy Free Chocolate

Sweet William make their delicious chocolate bars and baking chocolate with real cocoa and other natural ingredients, but no dairy, no eggs, no animal products, no nuts, and no gluten. They also offer a no-added-sugar line sweetened with stevia. This is chocolate that anyone can – and will – enjoy!

Dairy-free chocolate

Sweet William offer a delicious range of dairy-free chocolates, made with real cocoa for that rich chocolatey taste. They use a selection of milk alternatives and other natural ingredients to create their range of baking chocolate, chocolate bars, and chocolate spreads that anyone looking for a conventional chocolate alternative will love. Sweet William use premium-quality Australian soy flour in place of milk for their 'Original' chocolates, while their white chocolates include a combination of tapioca and soy, and the dark varieties no soy at all. Because Sweet William are dedicated to providing the highest quality 'free from' chocolates everyone can enjoy, their products are never compromised by being manufactured in milk-processing facilities.

Is Sweet William chocolate vegan?

All Sweet William chocolates are vegan-friendly, with no animal or animal derived ingredients used in any of their products. None of the chocolates in the Sweet William range include milk or milk derived ingredients, such as whey, milk fat, milk solids, or casein. View more vegan chocolate.

Gluten-free chocolate

All Sweet William chocolates are gluten-free. And because Sweet William are dedicated to providing the highest quality 'free from' chocolate everyone can enjoy, their products are never compromised in the manufacturing process by being exposed to facilities or equipment that have come in contact with gluten. Their procedures also call for batch samples to be tested regularly to ensure no allergens such as gluten are present.

Sweet William no added sugar chocolates

The Sweet William No Added Sugar recipe has been perfected to be indistinguishable from regular chocolate, with blind taste tests confirming people were unable to tell the difference. The No Added Sugar chocolates are sweetened with natural sweeteners such as Maltitol and Stevia Leaf extracts, with no artificial sweeteners used at all. Maltitol is a sugar alcohol derived from corn starch and is considered a low GI option since it is slowly absorbed. Stevia Leaf extract comes from the Stevia leaf, a potent natural sweetener that has no calories and no effect on glucose release.

Sweet William Chocolate Spread

Like all Sweet William products, their Chocolate spread is dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free and vegan friendly. Made on a base of premium-quality Australian soy flour and cocoa powder, their smooth and creamy chocolate spread contains 60% less sugar and 100% delicious chocolate flavour. And because it's nut-free, it's the perfect sweet treat slathered on a sandwich for school lunches or spread on top of cakes for kids' birthday parties.

Can I eat chocolate if I'm lactose intolerant?

If you experience digestive upset after consuming dairy products that doesn't mean you have to miss out on chocolate. There are varying degrees of lactose intolerance, with symptoms ranging from mild to severe. While some sufferers can simply make the switch to dark chocolate, or reduce their chocolate intake, those with more severe symptoms may need to switch to dairy-free chocolate to find relief. Sweet William offers a large range of dairy-free chocolate products that are made with real cocoa, so you can enjoy that rich real chocolate flavour without the tummy-upset.

Lactose Free Chocolate

Whilst products that state lactose free don't necessarily mean dairy free. Being 'Dairy Free' does mean it won't contain any Lactose, so you can enjoy this chocolate by Sweet William even if you are lactose intolerant. Is this lactose free chocolate? You bet it is!

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