EasiYo Yogurt

EasiYo is a simple system for making delicious fresh yoghurt at home. An EasiYo yoghurt maker and a pack of their yoghurt mix in the flavour of your choice takes the guesswork and the mess out of homemade yoghurt that’s cheaper and healthier than store-bought – and perfect every time.

Easiyo Yoghurt Powder

Easiyo yoghurt is the easiest way to enjoy fresh-made yoghurt that's full of good bacteria and free from preservatives and additives. The Yogurt Powder sachets are made from pasteurised milk from free-range cows and contain live active cultures that have been freeze dried to retain the highest possible number of viable cultures.

Easiyo Yoghurt Maker

Easiyo's Yogurt Makers are what make fresh, home-made yogurt so quick and easy. They provide the optimal controlled environment for the live cultures in the Yogurt Powders to activate. The Maker includes a BPA- and polycarbonate-free Yogurt Jar that holds 1kg of yogurt.

Is Easiyo as good for you as store bought yoghurt?

Many store-bought yogurts contain added preservatives, artificial colours, and flavours. What's more, some don't contain the beneficial probiotics that make yogurt so good for you. Every spoonful of Easiyo yogurt contains billions of good bacteria and never any preservatives or artificial ingredients. Homemade yoghurt means you can enjoy the freshest natural yogurt, containing the highest possible live bacteria. 

Does Easiyo Yoghurt contain probiotics?

Easiyo yogurt contains the live cultures Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus acidophilus, with some varieties containing the Bifidobacteria strain as well. Probiotics such as these can help boost good bacteria in your gut, aiding digestion and promoting overall gut health. And with each serve containing billions of live cultures, every spoonful is good for your gut.

How to make Easiyo Yoghurt

Making yogurt with Easiyo's Yogurt Maker is quick and easy, taking just minutes to mix a jar of yogurt that will be fresh and ready to eat come morning. Follow these three easy steps for fresh home-made yogurt:

  1. Fill your yogurt jar to the half-way point with room temperature water (15 - 20 °C for best results), pour in the contents of one packet of Yogurt Powder, replace the lid on the jar and shake to mix. Add more water, filling until it's approximately 5mm from the top, then shake again.
  2. Place the plastic insert spacer into your Yogurt Maker and cover with boiling water (only add enough water to cover the spacer).
  3. Place the yogurt jar on top of the plastic spacer insert inside the Yogurt Maker. The boiling water should then rise to approximately half-way up the yogurt jar. Replace the lid on the Yogurt Maker and set it on your kitchen bench for 8 – 12 hours to allow the yoghurt to set.

How long will the yoghurt keep after it's made?

Fresh-made Easiyo yogurt will keep for up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator, however the live cultures that are contained in the yogurt diminish over time with the number of live bacteria potentially reducing by 75% within a week. Because of this we suggest you enjoy your yogurt fresh to reap the full benefits of the probiotic cultures.

Can babies eat Easiyo?

Easiyo yogurt powders are both pasteurised and homogenised so most babies can enjoy Easiyo yogurt once you've introduced them to solid foods, however we recommend speaking with your healthcare professional prior to introducing new foods to your baby's diet. Natural or Greek Yogurts can be a great option as a 'first' food for baby because of their smooth texture, plain flavour, and beneficial probiotic cultures. Plain varieties also work well as a base for introducing new flavours, such as banana, apple, or sweet potato.  

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