Priya Soap

Priya Soaps offer natural, plant-based soaps formulated from quality oils and infused with premium quality essential oils. Their range offers 5 varieties of body balance soap bars, including Oat Milk, Macadamia Oil, and Goats Milk blends to provide a nourishing and soul satisfying wash every time. Each bar is created from a base of sustainable plant oils, is paraben free, and made in small batches right here in Australia.

Why we love Priya Soaps

Priya, a sanskrit word meaning ‘beloved’, embodies more than just soap. Based on a philosophy of mindfulness and taking time out of the day for self care, Priya Soaps bring loving kindness into your home in the form of a simple bar of natural soap. Each one is made from a carefully selected list of natural skin-loving ingredients, embossed with their trademark mandala, to deliver a soulful experience users can relish in while pausing to enjoy a quiet moment of reflection in their day.

The Priya ethos is to nourish and do no harm, which means their soaps are created with the environment in mind, choosing ethically sourced and natural ingredients over parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic dyes, and genetically modified ones. And their soaps are never tested on animals.

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