Pure Harvest

Based in Victoria since their founding in 1979, Pureharvest have become one of Australia’s largest manufacturers, distributors, and exporters of natural and organic food products. Besides their pioneering line of non-dairy milks, they offer juices, oils, sweeteners, and a variety of bulk grains, flours, beans, nuts and seeds.

Popular products from Pure Harvest

Pure Harvest Almond Milk

Made from organic activated almonds, this dairy-free milk boasts a creamy taste and loads of nutrients. The delicious creaminess comes from the high percentage of almonds (7%) in the mix, loads more than the measly 2% found in some varieties. What’s more, it’s made with whole, activated almonds which means all those good-for-you vitamins and minerals found in almonds have been blended in. But if you like your almond milk laden with sweetness steer clear of this version, which is happily free from cane sugar and any other sweeteners. 

Pure Harvest Oat Milk

Just four natural ingredients are used to create this delicious unsweetened dairy-free oat milk. Made on a base of whole grain oats, it boasts a delicate flavour with minimal saturated fats and is rich in complex carbohydrates. Oat milk is an excellent option for anyone who loves that milky taste but can’t stomach dairy.

Pure Harvest Rice Cakes 

These rice cakes are satisfyingly crunchy and packed with flavour. Made with just one ingredient, brown rice, they’re super simple BUT what you do with them doesn’t have to be. Use them as a crisp and crunchy vehicle for all your favourite toppings, savoury or sweet. Slathered with nut butter and topped with sliced banana offers a fibre and protein hit while a layered masterpiece of dill-infused cream cheese, salmon, and cucumber takes savoury snacking to a whole new level.

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