Paleo Foods & Snacks

Find all the snacks and ingredients you need to help you on your paleo journey. Aussie Health Products offer an extensive range of paleo and primal foods that are certified organic, grain free, gluten free, dairy free and sugar free.

Stock your paleo pantry with organic seeds, nuts and fruits, organic coconut products, raw cold-pressed oils, organic herbs & spices, paleo-friendly cereal, dairy free milks, raw cacao products, natural sweeteners, and superfoods.

Plus our range of paleo snacks ( sprouted and dehyrdated cookies and granola, grassfed beef jerky, trail mixes and raw chocolate ) will ensure you never go hungry!

Stock up your Paleo pantry with the following brands

  • Forage Healthy Cereals
  • Rumbles Paleo
  • Canterbury Biltong
  • Absolute Fruitz
  • Australias Own Organic
  • Banaban Organic
  • Barnes Naturals
  • Big Tree Farms
  • Bragg
  • Byron Bay Macadamia Muesli
  • Ceres Organics
  • Clipper Teas
  • Conscious chocolate
  • Every Bit Organic Raw
  • gourmet organic herbs
  • mayvers
  • nutra organics
  • oqua organics
  • pure harvest
  • the chia co
  • vital greens