Coconut Magic

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Kingscliff, NSW, Coconut Magic make a premium range of coconut oils and other healthy coconut products. They use only select fresh organic coconuts and process them without heat or chemicals to preserve medium chain fatty acid content and a naturally light and mild flavour.

Organic Coconut Butter

Made from the raw meat of organically grown coconuts, Coconut Magic's Organic Coconut Butter is rich in fibre and protein and packed full of healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. Using a gentle dehydration process to remove the water content, the coconut flesh is creamed into a decadent buttery spread bursting with intense coconutty sweetness. Its deliciously creamy coconut flavour adds depth to tropical smoothies, can be spread on toast, or enjoyed straight from the jar.

Raw Energy Bars

Coconut Magic's Raw Energy Bars are handmade from only a handful of wholefood ingredients that have been cold-pressed raw to preserve their nutritional integrity. Blending dates, coconut, nuts, and coconut nectar with select natural ingredients for flavour, like raspberry powder and raw cacao powder, their range of raw bars are a healthy, high energy snack that will keep you full between meals and kick any 3-pm or after-dinner sweet craving to the curb. 

100% Pure Premium MCT Oil

This 100% pure capric acid and caprylic acid medium chain triglycerides (MCT) oil is an excellent source of essential dietary fats, made from Coconut Magic's trademark coconut oil. Medium chain triglycerides are easily absorbed and used by the body, resulting in an instant boost of energy. Their health benefits are plenty, including promoting good gut health, aiding weight management, and improving cognitive ability. MCT oil is easily digested, known to provide a natural hit of slow release energy for the body and brain, promoting ketosis and fuelling brain cells without affecting blood sugar levels.

One of Coconut Magic's most popular products due to its performance in 'Bulletproof' coffee, this MCT Oil can synergise the brain-boosting and energising effects of coffee, acting as a stimulant to improve brain power. The combination of coffee and MCTs also counterbalances the common 'acid' side effect coffee has on the digestive system making your morning caffeine hit less harsh on the body.  

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