Coconut Magic 100% Pure Premium MCT Oil

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  • Gluten-free
  • Pure capric/caprylic acid MCTs from coconut oil
  • Quick, clean energy for athletic performance
  • Promotes ketosis for enhanced cognitive function
Coconut Magic 100% Pure Premium MCT Oil  480ml

Product Description

This light-resistant amber glass bottle contains pure capric acid and caprylic acid medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) refined from Coconut Magic’s famous coconut oil. Of the four fatty acids present in coconut oil MCTs, capric and caprylic are the ones most quickly metabolised. The liver converts these MCTs directly into energy instead of storing them as fat, so they’re a powerful tool for weight loss and an excellent fuel for athletes and other active individuals. Since they break down into ketones, they also promote ketosis, a metabolic process which supplies energy without throwing blood sugar levels off kilter and which is especially good at fuelling brain cells. Thus, a diet high in these MCTs can be expected to support mental performance as well. Finally, capric and caprylic acid MCTs are so easily digested, without the need for bile salts, they’re an excellent source of energy and immune supportive healthy fats for individuals whose bodies have trouble absorbing most other fats.

Ingredients:  Capric Acid & Caprylic Acid Medium Chain Triglycerides

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Coconut Magic

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Australian-based health company Coconut Magic is one of the leading suppliers of coconut-based products with a commitment to selling items that are based on quality, raw and organic coconut ingredients. The team at Coconut Magic...

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