Celtic Sea Salt

Celtic Sea Salt is a unrefined natural salt, making it a popular alternative to traditional highly processed table salt. It also has a distinctive flavour which provides more depth to your dishes than table salt. Celtic Sea Salt also contains a great deal of essential minerals including magnesium, potassium, calcium and more. These minerals are believed to play an important role in hydration, balance of electrolytes and overall health and wellness.

What is Celtic Sea Salt?

Celtic sea salt, most oftenly referred to as Celtic salt, is a sea salt that, has gained a lot of recent popularity in Australia and the United States. It is harvested from along the coast of Brittany in France. Celtic salt is a bit wet to the touch, having a slightly greyish colour as it contains some clay from the region that salt flats are harvested. Such salt is harvested traditionally by use of only sun, wind, and the salt cultivators' knowledge and the least processing possible to help preserve the natural minerals and trace elements.

Celtic salt contains less sodium compared to standard table salt, and is rich with other minerals including magnesium, potassium and calcium, therefore considered to be a healthier option. These minerals also add flavour, which whilst subjective, we personally prefer to regular table salt.

Where can I buy Celtic Sea Salt?

Looking for celtic salt in Australia? We offer a range of popular brands including Salt of the Earth and Lotus. Stock levels do vary due to an increasing popularity of it in recent times.

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