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20 JULY, 2017 / Be Mindful

Mindfulness on the move: 7 tips for busy people

Originally borrowed from Buddhist philosophy, mindfulness involves taking time out for a few minutes, becoming aware of the present, allowing us to tune into the moment, to our breathing, and therefore our very existence. Through this practice we help boost our levels of happiness and productivity.

20 JUNE, 2017 / Learn

Gut health and sleep: Is there a relationship?

Science has now connected the gut microbiome to health in general but did you know it has also been shown to have a big effect on our sleep patterns?

8 MAY, 2017 / Discover

What is Nature Play and why is it so great for our kids?

Recent years has seen an emphasis on getting kids out into what used to be called “The Great Outdoors”; to play in natural surrounds to give them a chance to learn, create and develop skills, while enjoying the health benefits of being outside and enjoying play in its original form.

24 APR, 2017 / Learn

Prebiotics and probiotics. What’s the difference?

Probiotics are the “good” bacteria that is ingested in our diet to help balance our gut’s health. Less well known are prebiotics, the plant fibre that “feeds” the probiotics. So what’s the difference between prebiotics and probiotics and why are they so important to our health and wellbeing?

10 APR, 2017 / Learn

Useful Tips for embarking on the Ketogenic Journey

The process of entering ketosis can take some time, usually somewhere between 1 and 2 weeks depending on the individual. In order to promote a state of ketosis, the body must begin to create different enzymes, and rely on different hormones for it to run efficiently...

27 MAR, 2017 / Learn

A Guide To The Ketogenic Diet

In recent years, the ketogenic diet has received a lot of attention in various health circles for its alleged ability to burn fat, fight diabetes and cancer, and give us stable energy throughout the day. This isn’t your average diet though...

13 MAR, 2017 / Learn

How to Regrow Food from Scraps

It’s common sense to try to cut down on our food bills. Feeding families is more expensive than ever and any methods to bring down the cost of the weekly grocery bill are part and parcel of keeping household expenses under budget.

27 FEB, 2017 / Learn

The Benefits of Detoxing Your Armpits

Many of us have made the switch to natural deodorants/anti-perspirants only to be disappointed with the results. While using natural ingredients are so much better for our skin and overall health, chances are we may have used natural brands that appear to not “last the distance”.

13 FEB, 2017 / Learn

10 Coconut Oil Benefits and Uses for your Health and Beauty

The benefits of coconut oil have seen much positive coverage in our media in recent years. Now one of the more popular of the superfoods that make up our diet...

23 JAN, 2017 / TASTE

The Rise of Tonics Over Juices

A new wave of health drinks are beginning to grow in popularity because they avoid the fundamental problem with juices. We call them "tonics" or "elixirs". Discover why these herbal concoctions will become every health foodies go to drink in 2017.

2 Jan, 2017 / LEARN

13 Key Food and Health Trends to Follow in 2017

What we eat and how we care for the environment has become part and parcel of our food selections in 2017. Discover which trends and lifestyle changes we predict will gain traction over the coming year.

12 Dec, 2016 / LEARN

Could your cooking oil be toxic to your health?

Recent studies are now showing how many common cooking vegetable oils are toxic when used at high temperatures. Find out if your cooking oil is helpful or harmful to your health.

28 Nov, 2016 / RECIPE

Ginger Turmeric Latte (Golden Milk) Recipe

Turmeric is the super-spice that is finally getting the attention it deserves! With so many amazing benefits, what better way to get your daily fix than with a delicious ginger & turmeric golden milk latte.

14 Nov, 2016 / LEARN

6 Ways Turmeric can Heal

Ever wondered why turmeric is regarded so highly by nutritionists, chefs and health food experts? Discover why turmeric is such a powerful yet gentle healer and one of the most widely-used “super” spices around the world.

31 Oct, 2016 / Learn

The Power of Plants

Have you ever been told to have a drink of green tea at the early signs of a cold or flu? Or to rub aloe vera gel on a burn to heal it faster? These popular recommendations go much deeper than simple tradition. What is it that gives these plants the power to heal?

17 Oct, 2016 / Learn

What Should I Eat?

Last month we attended ‘What Should I Eat’, an evening set to answer the biggest question of all time. It consisted of an epic panel of industry experts including Lola Berry, Damon Gameau, Luke Hines, David Gillespie, and all the way from the UK - Joe Wicks! So what on earth should we all be eating?

3 Oct, 2016 / Learn

The Benefits of Magnesium in your Diet

Magnesium is one vital mineral that sometimes doesn’t get the press coverage it fully deserves. We look at why Magnesium is so important, how much is necessary in a healthy diet, and what foods are naturally a good source of this essential mineral!

19 Sep, 2016 / Learn

The Health Hazards of Sitting Too Long

We are a society that, in general, is a great deal more inactive than that of previous generations. We look at the specific health risks linked to a sedentary lifestyle and different ways we can incorporate exercise and movement seamlessly into our daily lives.

5 Sep, 2016 / Learn

Raw Pomegranate & Citrus Salad

This simple zesty and refreshing salad is perfect on its own as a summery lunch alternative, or as an accompaniment to other dishes.

22 Aug 2016 / LEARN

Teff, the not so new supergrain on the block

Like quinoa and chia, teff is gluten free and full of abundant nutrients and goodness, providing a range of dietary excellence. There are a number of benefits of teff grain in the diet and its historically healthy reputation has placed it at the top of the list, particularly for those looking for a gluten-free diet.

8 Aug 2016 / Recipe

Raw Vegan Almond Cheesecake

Do you find it is that time of year when it is really difficult to turn down dessert. I sure do! But, that doesn't have to be a bad thing. I'm excited to share one of our favourite recipes courtesy of our neighbours at Foodmatters! A raw vegan almond cheesecake made from nothing but absolutely delicious and healthy ingredients.

18 JUL, 2016 / Learn

10 incredible benefits of Aloe Vera

Known as the plant of immortality, this wonder plant has amazing health benefits both for external and internal use. Science has shown that aloe vera contains powerful antioxidants which the body uses to help stop harmful bacteria growth. These antibacterial properties are one of the most important benefits...

16 Jun 2016 / Recipe

Healthy Vegan Chilli with Quinoa

Who doesn't love mexican food? This is a delicious healthy vegan alternative to traditional chilli, made with quinoa, beans and vegetables. This recipe will be loved by vegetarians and meat eaters!

31 May, 2016 / Learn

13 Low Sugar Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

It’s always tempting to grab a takeaway snack when you’re on the go or late for lunch or just between meals and hungry. This is also an easy and quick go-to from the cupboard when the kids come home from school and want something to eat before dinner.

29 May 2016 / Learn

5 Reasons why you should replace Peanut Butter with Almond Butter

Peanut butter is a staple of the Aussie diet. Particularly for our kids. Liberally spread on toast or sandwiches, this delight was an important part of my culinary upbringing. But what if I were to tell you there’s a healthier way?

28 May 2016 / Recipe

Coconut Chai Recipe (Perfect for Winter)

It's that time of year when things are cooling down, and we are all looking for those beautiful warming recipes to help you fill your favourite mug! So we have featured one of our favourite chai recipes. It's so simple, yet incredibly delicious.

06 May 2016 / Recipe

5 Incredible Smoothies that will Change your Mornings Forever

We have short-listed five of our absolute favourite smoothie recipes. Ditch the boring bowl of cereal in the morning, and give yourself a healthy energy hit with this selection of delicious recipes.

22 April 2016 / RECIPE

Homemade Berry & Chia Jam

Many store bought jams can be high in refined sugars, preservatives, thickeners and fillers. This homemade jam is packed full of antioxidants and added protein from Chia seeds.

28 March 2016 / LEARN

What are Activated Nuts?

What's all this fuss over activating nuts and seeds?? Here we explain why the worlds gone nuts for activated nuts... and how you can do it too.


Quinoa and Fruit Breakfast Salad

Quick on the go breakfasts CAN be healthy! This recipe for breakfast salad is super high in protein and calcium from the Quinoa & nuts and packed with antioxidants and flavour from the mix of fruit.

20 MAR 2016 / RECIPE

7 of the Best Overnight Chia Pudding Recipes

One of the worlds oldest and best superfoods, Chia seeds pack a massive nutritional punch - making them a great start to the day. Here we share 7 of the best overnight Chia pudding recipes.

16 March 2016 / LEARN

What is a low FODMAP diet?

Are you experiencing symptoms of IBS and think it may be a gluten intolerance? It could be that you are intolerant to certain types of carbohydrates. Here, we take a look at how the FODMAP diet could help.

11 March 2015 / RECIPE

Japanese Vegan Mushroom & Soba Noodle Soup

Want a quick and super easy vegan meal? This Japanese inspired mushroom, tofu and soba noodle soup is fresh and fast - takes just 15 minutes to make!


Slow cooked, 24hr Bone Broth recipe

The many health benefits of bone broth have been enjoyed for centuries in many cultures. Learn how to make your own bone broth and how to incorporate it into your everyday diet.

1 MARCH 2016 / LEARN

8 benefits of drinking Bone Broth everyday

Bone Broth has been used for centuries in many cultures with the nutrient-rich liquid boasting many health benefits and healing properties. Here we explain the 8 benefits of drinking Bone Broth daily.

18 FEB 2016 / LEARN

What are Tissue-Salts?

We all know that having a diet with a good balance of essential vitamins is imperative to our health. But have you considered your mineral intake? Here, we discuss why minerals are so important and help you choose the right supplement.

15 Feb 2016 / RECIPE

Sweet Balsamic Beetroot Tart with Goats Cheese

The perfect for entertaining! This sweet balsamic beetroot tart with goats cheese, basil and walnut is a delicious vegetarian entree everyone at your dinner party will LOVE.

12 Feb 2016 / LEARN

Navigating Protein Powders

There is a huge amount of protein powder varieties on the market. We have navigated the maze to explain WHAT each is made from, HOW they are made and WHO they are suitable for.

2 FEB 2015 / RECIPE

Carob and Cashew Protein Balls

These Carob and Cashew Protein balls are packed full of protein and packed full of flavor! Perfect for your afternoon snack or a healthy 'treat' for the kids after school.

26 JAN 2016 / FERMENT

Fermentation back in vogue as science backs health claims

Why have fermented products suddenly burst back into vogue in our homes and health food shops? We explore the health secrets of our great ancestors.

20 JAN 2016 / FERMENT

Make your own yoghurt in six easy steps

Fermenting your own foods is officially back in fashion! Here we show you how you can make your own Greek-style yoghurt in six easy steps - without the need for fancy equipment.

11 Jan 2016 / RECIPE

Moroccan Couscous with Sweet Balsamic Figs

This recipe for Middle Eastern style couscous with veggies and sweet balsamic caramelized figs is great as a stand alone dish or as a side for chicken or lamb. It is so sweet and delicious the kids won't believe its actually healthy and packed full of goodness.

6 JAN 2016 / LEARN

New Years Detox in just 10 easy steps

Overindulged over the Christmas holidays? That can leave your system sluggish and you feeling like you need a holiday to get over your holiday! Here are 10 easy steps you can take to help your system detox.

10 DEC 2015 / RECIPE

Quinoa chocolate crackles

These quinoa based crackles are made with natural sweeteners, raw cacao and coconut oil. This recipe has all the sweetness and crunch, without the saturated fats of a traditional chocolate crackle.

2 DEC 2015 / LEARN

12 easy ways you can learn to relax

Finding it hard to relax? It may not be as difficult as you think. Here's some easy and affordable methods that may be as easy as putting on the kettle.

23 NOV 2015 / RECIPE

2 minute crunchy chocolate slice

Make this delicious crunchy chocolate slice in less than 2 minutes! Using only 4 organic ingredients, this is a quick and easy, no-bake treat filled with antioxidant goodness.

17 NOV 2015 / LEARN

Why raw chocolate is good for you

It's music to our ears,eating chocolate can actually be good for you! But there's a big difference between chocolate considered good or bad for you.

10 NOV 2015 / RECIPE

Boston Baked Beans - Ready in 15 minutes

This quick and easy Boston Baked Beans recipe is packed full of tangy and sweet flavors and can be made in just 15 minutes!

5 NOV 2015 / LEARN

Hidden chemicals in mosquito repellent

Warmer weather and BBQ's outdoors have us reaching for the mozzie spray. Have you considered the harmful chemicals in these repellents? Here's how to get rid of 'The Great Aussie Salute' naturally.

20 OCT 2015 / RECIPE

Raw Cauliflower & Pomegranate Salad with Sweet Balsamic Tahini

Ever thought of using raw cauliflower and shredded brussels sprouts in a salad? This unique salad is a flavour sensation sure to impress!

13 OCT 2015 / LEARN

You CAN cut down sugar!

It's no secret. Sugar is bad for us. But it's not just the sugar that we see, it's the sugar hidden in so called "healthy foods" that really tips our sugar consumption over the scales. Here's some easy steps on how to identify it and drastically reduce sugar in our everyday diet.

8 OCT 2015 / RECIPE

RAW Chocolate Nut Fudge

Filled with nutty goodness and natural organic sweeteners, this quick easy to make RAW Chocolate Nut Fudge is Dairy-free, Egg-free, Gluten free, Paleo friendly & UBER YUMMY!

1 OCT 2015 / LEARN

Are Sprouted Grains the next big thing?

Sprouted Grains are being touted by some nutritionists as being superior to the humble whole grains. Here we explain what they are, why they are great and how you can DIY your own!

9 SEP 2015 / LEARN

Cactus water - The new H2O alternative

It's no secret. We want MORE out of everything in life... including a simple glass of water! Popularity for nutrient rich, plant-derived waters have skyrocketed in popularity in recent times. Cactus water is the new kid on the block. Here are 6 reasons why we love it!

26 AUG 2015 / LEARN

Five truths about the stunning avocado

Believe it or not, there was a time when avocados were shunned by the health conscious. The prevailing wisdom was that any food high in fat would, well, make you fat. New science has weighed in on the Avocado with 5 huge benefits!

12 AUG 2015 / LEARN

Bush Tucker - Australia's Superfood Secret

Indigenous Australians managed to thrive for centuries in one of the world's harshest climates on bush tucker. It was only a matter of time before the power of these native Australian foods were recognized as a key dietary & medicinal supplement.

29 July 2015 / RECIPE

Cherry Choc Slice

Taken from Jenni Madison's new cookbook 'The Healthy Coconut' - this vegan, sugar free and gluten free slice made with whole food and super food ingredients will satisfy the cravings of even the biggest cherry ripe fans!

15 JULY 2015 / LEARN

Best supplements for ageing with vitality

Along with a healthy diet & exercise, there are also natural supplements that focus on common areas of ageing to help keep you looking your very best and staying fit & active as you enter life's greatest years!

1 JULY 2015 / RECIPE

Coconut Lentil Curry with Cauliflower Rice

This deliciously hearty, warming recipe for coconut and red lentil curry is not only nutritious and simple to make, but is jam packed with flavour and will quickly become a family favourite!

17 JUNE 2015 / LEARN

The importance of natural baby skin care

As a mother you naturally want the best for your baby, but you may not realise that their delicate skin is very responsive to ingredients contained in any products applied to their sensitive skin.

3 JUNE 2015 / RECIPE

Ranchero Roast Chicken

This Mexican take on the humble home roast chicken will add the heat that makes it perfect for a seasonal winter meal. Guaranteed most juicy and tender chicken ever!

20 MAY 2015 / RECIPE

Blueberry Paleo Muffins

Didn't think it was possible to have a moist delicious muffin without the grains, refined sugar, and dairy? Then think again! These delicious but nutritious Paleo Blueberry Muffins make the perfect snack or quick breakfast.

6 May 2015 / LEARN

Four big reasons to add kelp to your diet

Kelp has a long and rich history as a medicinal and nutritional supplement and kelp products are growing in popularity as science begins to back anecdotal evidence of their health benefits.

22 APR 2015 / RECIPE

Organic Superfood ANZAC Biscuit Recipe

An iconic way to honour the 100th anniversary of the ANZAC landings at Gallipoli is to bake ANZAC biscuits. This recipe takes our classic Aussie treat & gives it a twist with some of our favourite superfoods!

8 APR 2015 / LEARN

Four top reasons to love Aloe Vera!

Aloe vera is a medicinal and versatile member of the succulent plant family. While its most well known uses are for sunburn and to soothe skin, it can have many other benefits.

25 MARCH 2015 / LEARN

How to stock a natural medicine chest

In our grandparents day there was a wealth of knowledge that involved the use of more natural ingredients and remedies that tapped into old healing wisdom handed down through the ages.

11 March 2015 / LEARN

Nine date ideas from healthy couples

Bored of the same old dinner and movie date nights that can leave you feeling lethargic and anything but sexy? Then it's time to spice things up with the best dating secrets from health conscious couples!

25 Feb 2015 / FERMENT

Enjoy the benefits of fermenting drinks in your own home

Join the fermentation revolution and discover why everyone is making water kefir, milk kefir and kombucha in their own kitchens!

28 JAN 2015 / LEARN

Six great Essential Oils for Detoxing!

Apart from the mood enhancing properties of essential oils, some also have strong detoxifying effects. Discover the benefits of these oils & why they make the perfect accompaniment to any cleanse.

14 JAN 2015 / DETOX

15 Ways to Detox without going Hungry!

Just like getting your car serviced annually, or going for a dental check-up, once or twice a year I like to cleanse my cells of toxins that have made their way in due to bad food choices, alcohol or environmental...

3 DEC 2014 / RECIPE

Raw Strawberry & Coconut Fudge Slice

Nicole Joy is a local Queensland girl with a wickid sweet tooth! Her Strawberry & Coconut Fudge Slice is just one of the impressive recipes in her book - Eat Dessert for Breakfast.

19 NOV 2014 / LEARN

Why raw cacao needs to be truly Raw

Not all raw cacao is created equal. Learn why it's so important that yours is truely raw!

5 NOV 2014 / LEARN

The appeal, versatility and benefits of Yoga

Have you ever considered taking up Yoga? Discover why the number of people practicing Yoga is growing year on year, and which style of Yoga is best for you! Come on, there's no better time like the present!

22 OCT 2014 / LEARN

Ten reasons to add blackstrap molasses to your diet

Every now and then a product skyrockets in popularity here at Aussie Health Products. One that captures the imagination of our customers and has them asking for more information. Well here it is!

8 OCT 2014 / LEARN

Join the home bread making revolution!

The unforgettable aroma as the loaf is taken from the oven; the reassuring sounds of the bread knife carving the loaf; the touch of a freshly carved slice then that unique and special moment as you savour the wonderful taste.

24 SEP 2014 / LEARN

Why you should love apple cider vinegar?

Find out why Apple Cider Vinegar is fast becoming the supplement choice of many A-list celebrities, as well as being wildly popular with nutritionists and alternative health practitioners.

10 SEP 2014 / DETOX

What is oil pulling? How can it improve my health?

What if I was to tell you there's a mouth wash technique, based in ancient medicine, that not only freshens breath but also improves both oral and general health?

27 AUG 2014 / LEARN

Coconut oil is more than just a superfood

One of the truly remarkable turnarounds in dietary advice in recent years has been the return into vogue of coconut oil.

13 AUG 2014 / LEARN

Natural Sweeteners (Part Two): Navigating the maze

This week we'll take a closer look at the range of natural sweeteners on offer, and examine their benefits and in some cases the problems associated with them.

30 JUL 2014 / LEARN

Natural Sweeteners (Part One): How sugar has trashed our diet

In the first of a two part series, we look into the current debate raging over excessive sugar consumption; how sugar has invaded our Western diet since the days of our grandparents and the health problems associated with its spread.

16 JULY 2014 / LEARN

What does a Raw Food diet have to offer?

This diet, popular amongst modern Yogis, provides many of the ingredients our bodies need for health and well-being, and those who follow this diet claim they feel more alert, have better mental focus, less apparent aches and pains, sleep better, and wake feeling refreshed and energetic.

2 JULY 2014 / LEARN

What is the Paleo Diet?

Diets come and diets go, and the latest diet gathering much popularity around the globe is Dr. Loren Cordain's Paleo Diet ( also know as the Primal, or Caveman Diet ). The Paleolithic diet has made a 10,000 year comeback, but is it here to stay?

19 JUNE 2014 / LEARN

Top 10 Best Superfoods to include in your Diet

In this age of modern agriculture with foods landing on our plates devoid of vitamins and minerals, including a range of Superfoods in the diet is more important than ever.

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