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The Benefits Of Bone Broth

What exactly is bone broth?

Essentially bone broth is just a rich stock made by boiling bones for a long period (ideally 24 hours) to release their nutrients. These gut-loving nutrients are what bone broth is most famous for; they include gelatine and collagen along with a host of vitamins and essential minerals like phosphorus and calcium. For a truly nutrient-dense bone broth use bones from grass-fed animals and add a little apple cider vinegar or red wine to help draw out all those good-for-you nutrients. Roasting the bones in the oven prior to boiling them allows for a deliciously rich flavour. 

Benefits of bone broth

The flavourful broth is credited for a long list of benefits with a few noteworthy ones making the rounds in the health industry for a while now. The most obvious being it is a goldmine of nutrition, with iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium just some of its key minerals, vitamins A and K, omegas 3 & 6, and the protein collagen (which converts to gelatine) all found in a bowl of the good stuff. 

Why is bone broth popular?

As far as trends go (and this one’s been making the rounds for a long time now) bone broth has to be one of the most credible ones out there. Aside from the high levels of nutrients, bone broth enthusiasts include it in their diet for a multitude of reasons. Some of the most popular include: 

Aiding digestion

It’s said bone broth can help aid digestion thanks to its abundance of gelatine. The amino acid glutamine in gelatine has also been attributed to preventing and healing leaky gut syndrome. 

Supporting a healthy immune system

Thanks to the bounty of minerals in the broth it’s also said to help support a healthy immune system. 

Joint health

While the jury is out on whether or not bone broth is beneficial for joint health, many advocates have reported improvements in joint health and pain, praising its collagen and glucosamine content for helping to relieve joint woes. 

Our pick of the best bone broth

Gevity RX take bone broth to the next level with their enriched bone broth concentrates, providing ten times the amino acids of conventional broths. Their concentrates are made using select bones from grass-fed Aussie cows, putting the broth through a unique process that promotes higher levels of collagen-based amino acids. Their natural base enhances flavours and boosts the nutritional content of just about any savoury meal with the freedom to add your own flavour profile for versatile cooking. 

Nutra Organics also offer a high quality selection of popular bone broths. All keto and paleo friendly, highly nutritious and did we mention they taste awesome? View the range of Nutra Organics Bone Broth here.

5 Simple uses for bone broth

  • Use the broth in place of stock when cooking couscous, quinoa, rice, and even savoury oatmeal. 
  • Make an authentic bowl of ramen, adding in sautéed pork, leafy greens, noodles and topping with a soft boiled egg. 
  • Warming up with a hot cup of bone broth in the winter months is the fastest way to get cosy and soak up those winter vibes. 
  • Freeze bone broth into ice cubes so you always have some on-hand, and defrost as needed. 
  • If you’re feeling brave, blend bone broth into a savoury smoothie for something a little bit different. 

3 recipes to inspire your bone broth addiction

Bone Broth Risotto with Mushrooms and Crispy Shallots

This simple but drool-worthy dish is a classic winter warmer. Savour the rich aroma as it simmers on the stovetop and enjoy the comfort a bowl of this delicious risotto delivers.

Bone Broth Latte

Try one of these tasty savoury lattes for a nutritious start to the day. Our pick is the simple yet flavour packed Coconut Milk Bone Broth Latte. Made on a base of chicken bone broth and finished with the creaminess of coconut milk, this savoury latte is a superb way to enjoy the benefits of bone broth. Top with a sprig of thyme for a hint of freshness. 

Easy Chicken Enchiladas

A favourite Mexican dish, enchiladas are an easy make-ahead dinner, and with the addition of bone broth, a very nutritious one. Add a simple side salad to round the dish out and you’ve got a winner the whole family will enjoy. 


Sarah Vercoe

Article by Sarah Vercoe

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