7 Health & Wellness Trends To Watch in 2019

It's been a big year for healthy living with more people in tune with their physical and mental health than ever before. So, what's ahead for the health and wellness scene in 2019? We take a look at 7 key trends set to take over next year. 

Eco Keto Diet

By this point it's safe to say pretty much everyone has heard of the Keto Diet. The high-fat, low-carb regimen has boasted a steady increase in devotees since around 2016 when it took over the health and wellness scene as the diet du jour.

Enthusiasts praise it for its potential to increase muscle mass, satiating and anti-inflammatory effects, and potential to assist with weight loss. However, critics have called out keto-focused diets as unsustainable and far from eco-friendly due to the high amounts of animal products recommended on the keto plan.

With 'eco-friendly' no longer a niche market, and vegan and plant-based diets continuing to trend, focus is starting to shift to a meat-free version of the diet labelled 'Eco Keto'. Wholesome food lover and dietitian favourite Elsa of Elsa's Wholesome Life recently trialled the diet to see how it translates on a plant-based plan, developing an e-book full of keto-friendly plant-based recipes for anyone looking for a quick and easy guide to the difficult-to-plan diet. As interest in eco keto expands, more and more recipes are starting to pop up on the health scene along with helpful guides to keep the diet as eco-conscious as possible.


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If you've been curious about the Keto diet but were put off due its environmental impact and lack of information and recipe ideas for vegans, 2019 may just be the year 'Eco Keto' makes it a viable option.

Natural Nootropics

Natural nootropics, compounds found in everything from antioxidant-rich foods to natural supplements, drinks, and powders, are touted to be the go-to natural alternative to boost brain function in 2019.

Alongside a healthy diet and lifestyle, natural nootropics are reported to help with issues such as brain fog, lack of focus, memory, and even to reduce symptoms of anxiety.

Don't let the fancy title put you off, it's easy to get your hit from everyday food and drinks. Your morning brew, whether tea or coffee, contains natural nootropics like caffeine and L-Theanine (found in tea), and foods like salmon, flaxseed, chia seeds, and plant oils are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, another easy-to-find natural nootropic.

If you discovered functional mushrooms and their myriad health benefits this year you could try a functional mushroom powder like Lion's Mane, favoured for its rumoured brain-boosting powers and valuable antioxidant content. 

Organic India tea

Regenerative Agriculture

2019 will be the year the term 'regenerative agriculture' is as widely used as 'organic' in the health and wellness space, promoting better health for us and the environment.

So, what exactly is regenerative agriculture and how can it benefit the environment? Put simply, it is farming using regenerative techniques like crop rotation, conservation tillage, and cover crops while eschewing herbicides, pesticides, and other nasties. The process enriches and renews the health of soil, allowing it to naturally sequester carbon from the atmosphere. As you may have already guessed, this is a big deal for global warming as it has the potential to turn back the clock on climate change.

Understandably, climate change is fast becoming a major concern for consumers who, with increasing unease over the environmental impact of industrial agriculture practices, will likely gravitate towards brands who prioritise regenerative agriculture as they become more commonplace.

Regenerative agriculture

Ayurveda Goes Mainstream

Ayurveda has been making cameo appearances on the health and wellness scene for a while now, with adaptogens like ashwagandha and maca a regular ingredient in latte blends and smoothies, metal tongue-scraping apparatus now a staple in most health-insiders' beauty cabinets, and rising before the sun no longer considered a comical routine by the masses.


We've discussed the benefits of Ayurveda previously in our blog post '7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Wellbeing with Ayurveda' but we predict 2019 will be the year Ayurveda goes mainstream, no longer relegated to alternative medicine circles.

Intermittent Fasting

Want to shed some kilos in 2019? If you try intermittent fasting you'll be joining the thousands plus people – health professionals included – the world over who swear by its weight-loss results and potential health benefits.

Respected biomedical scientist Dr Rhonda Patrick explains how intermittent fasting can trigger mitophagy, a process that eliminates damaged mitochondria, resulting in only healthy mitochondria existing within cells. Healthy mitochondria are critical to our health, responsible for everything from healthy brain and muscle function to determining how our bodies age.

So not only can intermittent fasting help you shed those holiday-food-induced extra kilos, it may just help regenerate some of your cells' most important organelles.

Dairy-free Alternatives

Vegan milk alternatives are nothing new but the variety of options, and their widespread availability, will continue to expand in 2019 with oat, hemp, and cashew milks rumoured to take centre stage.

oat milk

Oat milk will likely lead the pack, already a staple as a vegan milk alternative in US cafes, and starting to pop up in cafes around Australia. It's a great option for anyone with a nut allergy, is low in saturated fat, and has a deliciously creamy texture. As for the health benefits, oat milk provides a good dose of protein, fibre, calcium, and vitamin D.


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Healthy Pet Food

Our love for healthy living is having an overflow effect to our pets, with health-conscious consumers rejecting toxin-laden pet food; instead choosing to serve up only natural foods to their fur babies.

While natural pet food is far from a new offering, 2019 may just be the year it becomes the norm instead of a niche market, with natural pet food brands joining the commercial pet food ranks.

New brands like Bell & Bone, who specialise in Superfood Dog Treats made with healthy, functional ingredients, offer real food with real benefits so we can give our pets the nutrition they need without having to spend hours in the kitchen prepping it ourselves.  


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What health and wellness trends will you be watching in 2019? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Sarah Vercoe

Article by Sarah Vercoe

Sarah is a freelance writer and award-winning photographer with a special interest in health, travel, and fitness. Based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, she can be found hiking the trails of Noosa National Park, or, more likely, chasing after her one year old daughter, Illyana.

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