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One of my favourite pastimes is reading news. I’m attracted not just by headlines though, or by arbitrary claims in the articles I read, but by the way news is presented. To work out how journalists and editors slant news, selecting which bit of news to highlight and which to play down.

An odd pastime I agree, but then everyone’s got to have a hobby!

A favourite topic of mine is, of course, health and wellbeing news. Where I go to find the information I seek — and the various options available —  is the subject of this article. As with my regular news sources, I like a little thinking presented in my health news, though always based on solid facts, backed by science.

Though I’m always happy to listen to left field ideas for the future!

Science Daily’s Health and Medicine category brings you the latest in research news on health. Highly recommended, the site publishes press releases from universities and other research centres.

Of course, the first — and most important — thing to do is dig beneath the headline or claim. Find out whether or not the news organisation is reputable, or has a reputation for simply reproducing press releases, which may, or may not, be credible. Go back over old news items, posts or episodes to get an idea of the style and format and whether or not this agrees with your own tastes and preferences.

Once you have a stable of favourite and respected news sources, those that you “go to” almost on a daily basis, you can be reasonably sure that what you are reading is 'fake news'. Always be prepared to think outside the square in regard to health news though (or any other news for that matter) and look to incorporate new sources as they may appear.

With this in mind, here are the key sources I use to learn and keep ahead of health news in the country. Only suggestions of course, and I hope you’ll add to the discussion (and introduce me to other quality health news sites or podcasts of which I’m currently unaware.)

News sites

ABC — Health and Wellbeing

An excellent “go-to” site, ABC Health covers health news around Australia (and the world) but is always relevant to everyday people. The articles are backed by science and the style and delivery are always accessible to readers from any background or age.

Enjoy the latest news and scientific research on all matters health and wellbeing on this site.

Science Daily

As discussed, one of the best ways to find out the truth or otherwise of health claims is to go back to the original research. However this can be time-consuming. What if there was one site that brought together the latest in research on health news?

Well there is folks. Science Daily’s Health and Medicine category brings you the latest in research news on health. Highly recommended, the site publishes press releases from universities and other research centres. While not strictly Australian health and wellness news, it is the perfect place to check health claims made on other sites or podcast episodes.

health news

Australian Natural Health

This is an excellent site for all things related to natural health. Whether you’re gathering the latest health news, to research on the latest mind, body and spirit, or even thinking of trying a tempting vegan recipe or three, Australian Natural Health has a range to keep you interested, and informed.


Have you tried Medium? While also not strictly Australian centred, I find Medium to be a great source of health and wellness articles. In fact, I subscribe to the platform in my email, which means I get the articles of the categories of my choice in my inbox.

Here’s how to go about it. Join Medium at their website, select your preferred categories (in this case health and wellbeing) and go to your homepage to see these articles submitted by members prioritised. You can also submit articles should you wish.


A wonderful and varied collection of articles on health and wellbeing categories such as mindfulness, beauty, parenting and lots more. The site has a number of wellness mentors and authors who, “...share their wealth of knowledge and expertise and help guide you along your personal wellness journey.”

With a number of sub-categories under each category, this site is easy to navigate and contains a wealth of knowledge and news. Highly recommended.

meditation and mindful living


One of the growing platforms for folks looking for accurate news on health and wellbeing is podcasts. Whether downloaded through iTunes or similar apps, podcasts are a quick and easy way to consume health news “on the go”, as you walk, exercise, commute or during quiet times during the day or evening.

Luckily Australia is one of the leaders in podcasting and we’ve developed a range of excellent podcasts that will deliver the right style of health and wellbeing information to suit your needs.

As a suggestion, try these out:

Low Tox Life

One of my regular downloads for the week, Low Tox Life is presented by Alexx Stuart, author and nutritionist, who takes us through her relaxed and curious version of health and wellness news and opinion. Interview-based, the show features chats with experts on topics as diverse as meditation, stress and anxiety control, to how to reduce our personal waste.

Alexx’s approach is energetic, yet never pushy and always interesting. A gifted interviewer, she manages always to bring out the best in her subjects. Wholly recommended.

meditation on the beach

Health Report

Dr Norman Swan is the voice of the ABC’s Health Report, bringing you the lowdown on a range of health and medical issues. Dr Swan’s medical background — and no-nonsense style — give this podcast a sense of practicality while delivering the latest research on health and wellness topics.

The Wellness Couch

One of my favourite places to dip in when I want to try a new health or wellness news-style podcast, The Wellness Coach is a platform, or more accurately a collection, of health podcasts.

Home to over 2,000 health-related podcasts, The Wellness Couch has something for everyone. Enjoy!

Social media

We all have our favourite social media sites where we collect news and updates on the latest happenings in the world. This is the same for health and wellness news. However there is a danger sometimes that we restrict ourselves to a small section of news sources.

With algorithms for social media giants such as Facebook funnelling to us the type of news it thinks we like to hear, sometimes it is beneficial to step outside our usual sources and try input from different places. This is as true for health and wellness as it is for regular news. With this in mind, how about trying these sites?

Wellbeing Magazine

This social media site of Australia’s leading natural health magazine is chock-a-block full of natural remedies and recipes, as well as updated news and opinions. The magazine (and social media) focuses heavily on organic living, as well as covering environmental issues, natural living tips and alternative therapies.

A stellar site.

healthy food

Food Safety Information Council (Australia)

More than ever, we’re all very concerned over the safety of our food. This site, a registered charity, provides news updates on issues regarding food poisoning, as well as handy hints and ideas on safe food storage. A trusted news outlet when you need to find out more about the food we eat!

Aussie Health Products

Don’t forget us! We’re very active in the social media sphere and love to bring you news, information, recipes and more! Based on our webpage but with a “value-added” emphasis, we’ll liven up your day with our posts! From latest arrivals, to recipes and news, our Facebook Page and Instagram are designed for the busy person, needing to get quick access to information on health and wellness.


Do you have any favourite health and wellness news, social media or podcast, with an Australian slant, that you’d recommend? We’d love to hear from you in the comments or over at our Facebook Page.

As always, we recommend that you check any advice contained in any of these news sources before changing your lifestyle. Talk to your health or wellness professional and take their advice before making any changes to your diet or exercise regime.

Rich Bowden

Article by Rich Bowden

Rich Bowden is a freelance writer and podcaster. Based in NSW's Central West, he loves family life; reading, thinking outside the square and writes and podcasts about natural food, the environment, renewables and the organic movement in general. You can check out The Real Food Chain podcast, at

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