6 Inspiring Brands Doing Their Bit For The Planet

When it comes to ethical and sustainable living, thoughtless consumerism is often voiced as one of the major concerns for the planet. But there's an ever-increasing list of brands taking their environmental impact seriously, and conscious consumers couldn't be happier.

From wholesome raw chocolate that's 'healthy, sustainable, and fair' to single-use plastic warriors, we've compiled a list of our favourite inspiring brands who are doing their bit for the planet.

Loving Earth

Loving Earth's wholesome philosophy, "the earth is a living organism", is the foundation for everything they do. Three central concepts ground their work: Healthy, Sustainable, and Fair. Strong fair-trade beliefs see their exquisite range of products, with their luscious handmade raw chocolate at the heart of the business, born from only the purest origins. Ingredients are sourced from sustainably-grown and fair-trade yields, which are grown and harvested by indigenous communities on traditional land continuing their thousand-year-old traditions. Loving Earth chocolates are packaged in compostable wrappers made from sustainably-managed plant sources, and their box-packaging is made from post-consumer recycled fibre and printed-on with vegetable ink. Loving the earth really is front of mind for this honourable brand who love what they do, honestly practice what they preach, and spread the message at every opportunity.


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Love Tea

Committed to exceptional tea with purpose, Love Tea advocate two key concepts: beautiful hand-crafted tea that's environmentally responsible. The forefront of their business is quality organic tea that's specifically blended to benefit your health, with optimum therapeutic benefits. Their packaging, from the outer box to the tea bags, is biodegradable, designed precisely to reduce their environmental impact. The outer packaging is made from recycled cardboard and printed-on with vegetable inks, the cello pouches that keep your tea fresh are made from plant-based cellophane made from renewable sources, and their pyramid tea bags are made from a compostable mesh called Soilon. Love Tea also donates 1% of their annual profits to non-profit environmental organisations around the world. To top it all off, the majority of Love Tea's ingredients are fairly sourced, traded direct with growers and producer cooperatives. Phew, that's one earth-loving tea brand!


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Nappies get all the negative-environmental-impact attention, but baby wipes are just as detrimental to the environment. Typically made from synthetic fibres and plastics, most of which isn't biodegradable, they're contributing to the devastating microplastic dilemma that's plaguing our oceans and waterways. We get it, baby wipes are easy; and when you have a screaming half-nekkid baby or squirming toddler to contend with, ease is king. But what if ethical and ease existed simultaneously?

Enter Bambure baby wipes – the antidote for environmentally conscious parents who want to do good things for the environment but would like to maintain their nappy-change sanity in the process. Bambure are made from ethically sourced, sustainable bamboo, which the family behind the business decided on due to its rapid growth and sustainable capacity. Their bamboo cloths are 100% biodegradable and compostable, and contain only the purest ingredients, so they're always gentle on baby's bottom - and the planet.


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Bee Wrappy

We adore the humble beginnings of this natural beeswax food wraps brand, 'the beautiful alternative to cling wrap and single-use plastic'. Bee Wrappy's desire to do just one thing better for the planet has inspired thousands of Australians – along with a host of natural-wrap devotees overseas – to make one simple change: eliminate cling wrap from their home. Made from the perfect blend of ethically sourced organic beeswax, wild harvested virgin coconut oil, Southern Java dammar resin, local family-farmed jojoba oil, and certified organic cotton fabric that's been ethically sourced from India, their steadfast manufacturing process is nothing short of earth-loving. Even their unique range of pretty-prints have been designed with love and care, with each pattern chosen during a nature-filled family holiday.


Grants of Australia

Grants of Australia have been producing natural products for decades, with a niche in oral hygiene. Their newest brainchild, bamboo toothbrushes, offer an eco-friendly way to brush. On average we use a toothbrush for just three months, yet ordinary nylon and plastic brushes will spend a lifetime in landfill. An estimated 30 million toothbrushes are disposed of in Australia annually, contributing approximately 1,000 tonnes of waste to landfill. Grant's bamboo toothbrushes are made with sustainably grown bamboo, the handle is 100% biodegradable and can be composted along with the corn starch wrapper the brush comes in, and the cardboard box packaging and bristles can be recycled.


Green + Kind

Green + Kind was born of a desire to make change in one simple way: reduce single-use plastic. And what better way to instigate change than with everyday household items? Their ever-expanding range currently includes bamboo and stainless-steel straws, palm oil -free soap, 100% natural handmade coconut bowls, and bamboo toothbrushes. This environmentally aware brand is passionate about minimising society's impact on the planet and promoting sustainable living. Working alongside one of the most revered ocean-loving organisations around, Sea Shepherd Australia, 50c from every pack of bamboo straws and toothbrushes is donated to the organisation.


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Who are your favourite brands doing their bit for the planet?

Sarah Vercoe

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