Clipper Teas

Clipper Teas is renowned for manufacturing some of the tastiest herbal teas known. They are a fairtrade company and are rated as the 6th largest tea manufacturer in the UK. The company has a broad array of teas and hot beverages which include specialty teas, white teas, green teas and coffee. Infusions, hot chocolate and everyday teas. The company's tea products are created from the philosophy of relying on pure organic ingredients.

With an admirable ideology that spans from their ingredients right down to how their packaging, Clipper Teas consider it all in the name of producing good tea. Choosing only natural ingredients, with nothing artificial in sight, each cup of Clipper Tea is as nature intended to create a multi-award winning range of unique blends that boast a flavour like no other. 

Clipper Tea choose to source their tea from a carefully curated selection of estates around the world. Their stringent criteria speaks to their excellence, with their tea partners prioritising minimal impact to the environment alongside quality flavoursome tea. 

Now sold around the world, Clipper Teas Australia deliver some of their most flavourful blends to teapots around Australia, including the age-old favourite Clipper Organic English Breakfast Tea and the soothing Clipper Organic Green Tea

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Clipper tea come from?

Clipper Tea are a British company founded in Dorset in 1984. They’ve been producing award-winning tea ever since, delivering their quality teas to teapots around the country ever since. Their range is created from carefully selected tea from around the world, chosen for its quality as much as its growing conditions. They have dedicated growers, sourcing their teas from tea gardens in Africa, India & Sri Lanka. 

Are Clipper Teas good quality?

Clipper Tea believe every cup of tea should be special. That’s why they make every effort to source only the best tea from a carefully curated selection of growers in Asia & Africa, chosen for their soil quality and environmentally aware growing practices. They’re picky about what goes into a teabag, and you should be too. 

What are Clipper Tea Bags made of?

Sustainability is always at the forefront of Clipper Tea’s practices. They believe the tea bag plays a big role in delivering a good cup of tea but not to the extent of harming the environment, so they’re mindful of how they bag their leaves. All Clipper Tea tea bags are made from plant-based materials and are unbleached, biodegradable, and free from plastic.

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