Behind The Brand: Fit Dad Fuel

The Fit Dad Lifestyle is a truly inspirational support system for dads all over the world. What inspired you to create this multifaceted brand?

The Fit Dad Lifestyle started out as an online training platform back in 2019, more to showcase different activities we were doing with our children when traveling and when back here on the Sunshine Coast. It very quickly grew into something that is bigger than we could have ever imagined, now servicing clients worldwide both with our Fit Dad Fuel supplement range and also our online services.

What does it mean to be a ‘Fit Dad’?

To be physically and mentally fit enough to tackle anything life throws your way. To never have to say no to your children because you’re not physically able to do something that may be in their interests and to feel comfortable in your own body and not compare yourself to any other father out there.

Your supplements are part of a truly authentic and holistic approach to fatherhood. What inspired you to create a range of supplements for dads?

With our online community growing into the thousands we (very quickly) found we were getting asked multiple times a day what supplements we use or what we recommend for them to take. One of our members said 'you should just start your own and then you don’t need to keep answering the same question every day'. So that little idea led us down the path of working with food scientists and food techs for nearly 9 months to bring out 4 different products across 10 flavours. 

Alongside your Fit Dad Fuel supplements you have a community Facebook group for dads all over the world. Can you tell us why you started the community and how it’s benefiting dads? 

It started as a way to share workout and nutrition ideas initially, but 6,000 members later plus a worldwide audience, it now covers everything fatherhood can throw at you. It's free from negativity and is a really good support network for those fathers who are struggling either mentally or physically. There have even been some amazing friendships formed in-person from people meeting within the group.

Fit Dad Fuel is a comprehensive range with supplements to help boost energy, stay hydrated and even supplements to help dads get the rest they deserve. Was this well-rounded approach intentional and if so, why is it important?

We didn’t want to create just another fitness based supplement. We wanted to encompass a lifestyle approach and design something that catered for dads, whether they are training or not. Our range has been scientifically designed for daily use: Energy as a pick me up in the morning because the kids have kept you up all night or can be used before a workout; Hydration because you need that mid-afternoon pick-me-up and performance boost or you can use it at the gym during a session; Rest is perfect 30-minutes before bed to give you that 'unwind' at night after a busy day (before you have to do it all over again).

What is your go-to Fit Dad Fuel and why?

I start every morning at 4am with an Energy. With a slow sustained release this keeps me moving all morning. I have a Hydration product 2 times a day, once during a workout around 5am and then during the afternoon running around with the kids. Before bed I heat up a mug of milk and mix in a Rest sachet and use this as a way to cure that nightly sweettooth and let the body unwind before the next mornings' 4am wake up.

Can you tell us about any key ingredients in your supplements and how they benefit a Fit Dad Lifestyle?

Our Energy supplement has 190mg caffeine and also a propriety blend of nootropics; it's going to keep you going for up to 4-hours with a clear focus, mental clarity and alert attention span.

Our Hydration product has 9 essential amino acids and electrolytes to help keep your performance optimal and our Rest product has B6, Magnesium and Zinc, to name a few, to help the body relax and unwind after a busy day chasing the kids around.

Your podcast The Fit Dad Lifestyle Podcast with Leroy Faure discusses fatherhood, fitness and success with some fascinating interviews with everyone from fitness experts to influencers. Can you recommend standout episodes or interviews for dads just starting out on their Fit Dad journey? 

With over 150+ Episodes including interviews with some of the most amazing guests, from Victoria Cross winners, navy seals, athletes, olympians, to business owners and the list goes on. Every episode really does give its own bits of gold that are amazing takeaways on how other fathers, from all around the world, tackle their own journey through fatherhood. My suggestion is to start at episode 1 and work your way through whilst driving around town or on your daily run.

Sarah Vercoe

Article by Sarah Vercoe

Sarah is a freelance writer and award-winning photographer with a special interest in health, travel, and fitness. Based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, she can be found hiking the trails of Noosa National Park, or, more likely, chasing after her one year old daughter, Illyana.

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