9 Health Bloggers You Need to Follow in 2018

From creators of heavenly raw food to passionate green-living advocates and everything in between, here are nine health bloggers you'll want to follow in 2018.

  1. Rainbow Nourishments
    The dazzling creations by Anthea at Rainbow Nourishments are a beautiful mix of wholesome foods and decadent treats. With a focus on vegan and plant-based concoctions that are as pretty as they are nourishing, her handiwork has the ability to tip the vegan-convert scale on just about anyone. Anthea's divine flavour combinations, like Gingerbread Lamington Donuts and Chai Pumpkin (almost) Raw Cheesecake, and beautiful imagery, will have you earmarking just about every recipe you scroll past. But Rainbow Nourishments is more than just a pretty food blog. Anthea radiates a beautiful vibe in her work that makes you want to wrap her in a bear hug and devour her sweet treats simultaneously. Quite simply, it’s food that’s good for the soul.

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  2. Eco Warrior Princess
    Eco Warrior Princess is your guide to living sustainably. Full of green convictions that are presented in a smart, trendy, and beautiful way, you'll be inspired to apply sustainable living to every aspect of your life. Their site is a pleasing collection of news, tips, discussions, and articles on topics like eco-friendly travel, green beauty tips, home décor, how and why to grow organic produce, and ethical fashion finds. Living green never looked so good.
  3. Elle Fit Active
    Elle Fit Active is ‘the home of stretching’, but this fun and inspiring space is more than just ways to ‘get bendy’. Elle is a mover, a shaker, an ocean lover and lover of life, with a vibe so contagious you’ll find yourself returning to her blog and Instagram accounts daily for a hit of the awesome vibe she exudes. On her blog she shares deep and insightful ways to live simply, and simply live for the most important person in your life: you. Her wise truths and self-learnings are shared via real and raw videos that discuss important topics like anxiety and depression, with energy-filled titbits from her daily life, book recommendations, and body-loving stretches and poses to help ease aches and pains. Her ‘10 Days 10 Things’ Gratitude Cards are a beautiful way to either start or rev up your path to gratitude.
  4. Wholesome Cook
    The Wholesome Cook is a beautiful collection of ideas for living a healthy life nourished by food. Martyna, along with her gorgeous sidekick Mishka, bring you a range of functional and delicious recipes based on wholesome, real ingredients and a balanced approach to eating. If seasonal eating is something you’re considering exploring in 2018 Martyna’s Seasonal Food guide is a great resource for what’s available when. She also shares practical tips on food budgeting, how to’s, some fantastic family meal ideas, and a whole host of quick and easy ‘under 30 -minutes’ recipes for those days when you want a nutritious home-cooked meal, but time is in short supply.
  5. Rawspirations
    Exploring ‘what it means to live a healthy, natural, and organic life’ never looked so heavenly. Sabrina, the expert behind Rawspirations, is dedicated to sharing and inspiring a life fed by unrefined, natural living. Rawspirations entices followers with drool-worthy fare that’s gluten and refined-sugar-free, plant based, and downright yummy. With recipes like Ginger & Date Cookies with Caramel Nice-Cream and Creamy Vegan Choc Custard Mousse Ice-Cream, you’ll be forgiven for thinking her delectable recipes are sinful treats in disguise. For some serious inspiration head over to the Rawspirations Instagram account, where you’ll find a gorgeous gallery of Sabrina’s recipes, wanderlust-worthy travel snaps, and inspiring quotes that emphasise living your best life.
  6. Yoga Kiss
    Kat’s sweet little corner of the web is like a holiday for the soul. This beach-loving yogi is one inspiring chic. Her blog and Instagram are a beautiful mix of yoga and back-to-basics wellness, with inspiring truisms like 'passion is contagious', sweet reminders to live a balanced life, and blissful snippets of stand-up paddle yoga that will make you want to swap your land-based practice for a glorious floating studio. You can experience Kat’s vibe in person at one of the retreats she holds at various locations around the world, at the famed Wanderlust festivals, or, if you’re looking for some Zen a little closer to home, at one of her regular yoga classes in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast. You’re guaranteed to leave her space (virtual or otherwise) feeling calm and centred.
  7. Healthy Peach
    Chani, founder of the wildly popular Healthy Peach, is a local Gold Coast based babe with a passion for holistic health. She's a certified integrative nutrition coach whose goal is to advocate, and help people implement, healthy lifestyle and nutrition habits through her boutique practice Healthy Peach. Chani talks all things health on her blog with tips for healthy living and eating, articles that decode health terms, delicious recipes, and healthy travel that will leave you dreaming of far off places. Her approach is refreshing and relaxed and you'll likely be awarded a laugh or two if you follow Healthy Peach on Instagram.
  8. Chemical Detox
    Chemical Detox is the home of green beauty. Emma, the beauty behind the detox, is an empowering force working towards inspiring people to switch to green. Her YouTube channel and Instagram account transmit an ethos that is grounded in the power of green living. She shows that beauty products don't have to be made up of a concoction of chemicals, and you absolutely do not have to compromise to live a natural, green, and organic lifestyle. A lover of nature, her Instagram storyboard is interspersed with lovely snaps of the environment and the places she travels to. Sharing videos with helpful all-natural DIY's, must-haves for your beauty bag, and tutorials – with a smattering of meditation and relaxation guides – this is one green-goddess that is set to change your idea of green beauty.
  9. The Nutrition Guru & The Chef
    This husband and wife team share their passion for food and nutrition on The Nutrition Guru & The Chef where they wholeheartedly show people how to incorporate a healthy diet into their lives. You’ll find informative nutrition-based articles and delectable recipes on their blog, served with a scoop of ‘cute’ courtesy of their adorable daughter. Their ethos ‘food is our medicine’ will inspire you to embrace an ‘everything in moderation’ approach to food, and likely, to bake something from their ‘naughty but nice’ collection of recipes.
Sarah Vercoe

Article by Sarah Vercoe

Sarah is a freelance writer and award-winning photographer with a special interest in health, travel, and fitness. Based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, she can be found hiking the trails of Noosa National Park, or, more likely, chasing after her one year old daughter, Illyana.

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