7 Feel-good Resolutions for 2020

Rather than the standard, forgotten-by-February resolutions you know too well, here’s a list of immediately actionable, feel-good resolutions that you can do now, with long lasting effects that’ll propel you forward in 2020.

1. Create your master feel-good list

Here’s an easy one - you can do this one right now! Write down every positive thing that you can think about yourself. Reflect on maybe that new promotion at work, or hitting a recent personal best in an area of your life, and all the wonderful qualities that make you who you are. In other words, take some perspective back, write it down, and take it out for a quick review, regularly.

2. Explore your regular triggers

We all have bad days. Make it a habit in 2020 to understand, notice and move past your triggers, ahead of them rearing their heads. Be it an interaction with a colleague that instantly dampens your mood, a deeply embedded self limiting belief that pops up at unexpected moments and tries to bring you down. Spend an hour or two this week working through it, we bet it’ll result in a slightly lighter, brighter 2020.

3. Resolve to immerse yourself in positivity

Resolve to spending time with positive girl or guy friends from work, the gym, or your extended circle, who love to have a good laugh and chat about anything. Go spend some time with your dog or borrow a friend’s dog and play with it – whatever it is, stick in a few potential ‘positive catch ups’ in your 2020 diary.

4. Smoothie feast

Okay. This is probably only going to be a once-off, but it’ll sure give you a boost! Right now (or very soon), jam-pack your blender with so many greens, super foods and nutrient boosters that your body won’t know what hit it! It may not be the best tasting smoothie you’ve had, but it’s worth that kick-in-the-butt that many of us need to get into gear and achieve other goals we’ve been putting off. 

5. Go-to Smoothie

Now that you’ve sampled a super-ultra-mega smoothie and launched into the new year, now it’s time to perfect your number 1, go-to at any time smoothie recipe. While it’s important not to over do them, there a huge benefits to having a simple, delicious and nourishing recipe that can be made effortlessly at any time, with ingredients you’ll always have at your disposal. Commit to making 2020 the year that you’ll choose a nutritous smoothie over mindlessly snacking on packaged goods from the pantry.

6. Get around to creating that morning routine

We’ve all heard the benefits of a morning routine, but have you ever been one to try, then put it in the too-hard basket by day 3, and back to hitting the snooze button instead? Sometimes all we need is a slight push, and writing a quick list of your ‘perfect morning’ is all it takes. Not every morning will be 100%, but writing down your ideal morning, reviewing it regularly, then hitting the mark even just some days is already a win. Start by including waking up with natural energy, making your bed, enjoying some deep breaths as you stretch and make time to enjoy your morning coffee, smoothie or nourishing breakfast.

7. Reign in the socials

In 2020, we’re more inundated with information, notifications, messages, texts, and calls than ever before. It can mean that it’s easy to go weeks without actually seeing a friend for months – when they’re accessible instantly on your smartphone. Make 2020 the year you prioritise in-person time with those who are meaningful to you. Before the end of Jan, commit to pencilling in a catch up with at least 2 people you’ve been meaning to see, before the end of Feb. Try:
a. An outdoor hike with a friend
b. A night out (go somewhere different where people watching will be fun)
c. A movie and coffee
d. A stay in Netflix night complete with popcorn
e. A long lunch catch-up

We hope this list of feel good resolutions will help kick start on a positive note the beginning of what will be an amazing year to come. Do you have any feel good resolutions you would like to share? We would love to hear them down below, or over on our Facebook or Instagram pages. 

Miranda Gray

Article by Miranda Gray

Miranda has had a background in the health and wellness industry for over twelve years, and is a co-founder of Aussie Health Products.

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