The Benefits of Detoxing Your Armpits

Using a natural deodorant, or about to do the switch? Try detoxing your armpits first!

Many of us have made the switch to natural deodorants/anti-perspirants only to be disappointed with the results. While using natural ingredients are so much better for our skin and overall health, chances are we may have used natural brands that appear to not “last the distance”. Perhaps we find the familiar odour and wetness returning in the latter parts of the day, particularly in the warmer months. Or maybe the itchiness, irritation and reddening of the skin is too much to bear.Frustrated, we soon find ourselves back on the old chemical sprays and roll-ons’ merry-go-round with all the risks to our health the toxic ingredients contained in these cause. This negative perception of natural deodorants remains despite significant advances in recent years in their effectiveness.

However where to lay responsibility for their failure is not so clear-cut. It may be in the fact that it’s not the fault of the natural deodorants, but the toxins being released from the armpits after years of use of standard deodorants. Earth’s Purities — the makers of revolutionary new product Detox-A-Pit — are a company that supports these claims (1). They maintain that some irritation or increased odour is common when we move from a chemical-based to a natural product but that this is due mostly to impurities being released from the previously clogged skin.

However detoxing your armpits before you use natural products may boost the natural product’s performance, say the company. This works by removing those toxins and impurities from the armpits that have built up over years of use of chemical-based deodorants prior to natural deodorant use.

According to their website: “You will see discolouration go, redness and rashes disappear and best of all… more odour!”

There are a number of benefits of using Detox-A-Pit

  • The natural ingredients of the product help to re-balance pH levels and microbial flora.
  • Detox process helps reduce underarm odour and skin irritation.
  • Helps boost performance of natural deodorant products.

Detox-A-Pit itself is made from Australian food grade bentonite clay, food grade diatomaceous earth, raw apple cider vinegar, coconut oil and activated charcoal. Made from all natural and organic ingredients designed to maximise body health, it has not been tested on animals and is designed for the rigours of the harsh Australian climate.


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Applying the product is easy. Simply add a small amount of the Detox-A-Pit under your arms each day for around ten minutes each application. Then remove with warm, soapy water and apply your favourite natural deodorant. Doing this for a week will remove the toxins and during the second week, this can be reduced to around once a week to continue the detox process.

The cleansing properties of charcoal have become well known and its detox properties almost legendary. It is the activated charcoal that is used for this task with chemicals, dirt, toxins and particles attaching themselves to the surface of the skin. The activated form of charcoal attracts many times its mass in impurities and is vital in skin care and detoxing solutions. (2)

The danger of overuse of heavy metal or chemical underarm products is very real, particularly in women.

Aluminium — a neurotoxin — has been linked to breast cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, bone problems and kidney disease. It’s obvious that the consumption and use of the heavy metal in our environment should be limited as a priority to benefit our health. (3).

However even those deodorants listed as “aluminium free” may be a problem and may contain harmful chemicals such as triclosan and propylene glycol — both of which are harmful to our health. It is important then to always look for organic and natural personal care products which use essential oils and natural ingredients.

If you are having a tough time finding the natural deodorant to suit you, and are considering returning to aluminium-based products to get results, think again. Maybe all you need is an armpit detox! Just as we remove impurities and toxins with face masks before applying natural make-up, the same can be said of our armpits. Getting rid of the toxins and impurities that have built up over the years will get the best out of natural deodorants.

It may not be the most elegant or glamorous of remedies but detoxing your armpits will clean out the impurities, giving any natural deodorants or antiperspirants a chance to work. With the progress being made in these products, you’ll give yourself a better chance of lasting through the day (so to speak!). More importantly you’ll rid yourself of harmful heavy metal and chemical toxins and the need to use these to stay fresh.

Miranda Gray

Article by Miranda Gray

Miranda has had a background in the health and wellness industry for over twelve years, and is a co-founder of Aussie Health Products.

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