Vegan Chocolates

On the hunt for dairy free chocolate that’s as sweet and delicious as the real deal? If you’re new to eating dairy-free you may be wondering whether chocolate is still for you. Let us be the first to assure you: you can still eat chocolate!

Giving up dairy doesn’t mean you’re relegated to the carob section of your favourite (online) health food store for the rest of your days. The truth is, chocolate doesn’t need dairy to be delicious. In fact, dairy free chocolate has been known to sway even the most devoted milk chocolate aficionado.

Brands who’ve perfected the craft of creating delectable dairy free chocolate know the secret to great-tasting chocolate does not lie in added milk products. The flavour that hooks us all in after that first bite lies in the cacao bean, with its sultry aroma and rich chocolatey taste. It’s the key to a great bar of chocolate, be it dairy chocolate, vegan chocolate or dairy free chocolate.

What makes chocolate dairy free?

So what exactly is dairy free chocolate? There can be some confusion over what to look out for when searching for dairy free chocolate. It’s understandable people might assume all chocolate contains dairy. After all, the conventional chocolate lining supermarket shelves and taking up TV air-time is brimming with dairy products.

But that is not pure chocolate. The lengthy list of ingredients is laced with all kinds of dairy related ingredients, like milk solids, whey, milk powder and others. Pure chocolate starts with a base of cacao, cacao butter and a natural sweetener like coconut sugar.

Not all diary free chocolate is labelled as such and figuring out whether or not a bar of chocolate is dairy free or vegan friendly might sound arduous but it’s actually really simple.

Look for quality dark chocolate that’s made from at least 50 per cent cacao. Like all foods, the shorter the ingredients list the better.

Is dairy free chocolate vegan chocolate?

Yes and no. Dairy free chocolate is naturally vegan chocolate as well, provided it does not contain animal-derived products like honey or, depending on your version of veganism, refined sugar. In short, dairy free chocolate is the kind of chocolate vegans can eat - and lots of non-vegans love it too! Plus, there are a whole lot of delicious options out there to choose from! The best part is sampling them all to find your favourite…

All of the chocolate listed here is dairy free, vegan and lactose free. And if, like us, you love to support Australian businesses there’s a slew of dairy free chocolate made right here in Australia in the mix too. 

No matter your dietary preference there’s one thing we can all agree on: chocolate must taste good. In theory it should be simple, but the fact is finding a delicious tasting dairy free chocolate you love can be a convoluted road to the holy grail of chocolates.

We love a good chocolate - especially the dairy-free and/or vegan kind - and we’re well-versed in sampling the goods. So in a bid to help you on your way to dairy free chocolate bliss, we’re sharing a few of our favourites from the mix..

Dairy free chocolate we think you’ll love

BSKT Dark Cocoa 70%

A dairy free dark chocolate isn’t that hard to find. One that’s rich in flavour and not too bitter is an art-form. BSKT have perfected the balance, infusing their aromatic 70% dark chocolate with notes of vanilla and a sprinkling of coconut sugar to create a not-too-sweet dark chocolate indulgence. 

Murray River Organics Chocolate Sultanas & Coffee Beans

These choc coated sultanas and coffee beans are the perfect 3pm pick-me-up. Murray River Organics source the best organic ingredients around, coating them in a divine mylk chocolate made from cacao, coconut sugar, and a blend of hazelnuts, cashews and almonds. The result is a bag of goodies you’ll likely have finished come 3.05pm.

Sweet William Chocolate Mini Bars

Sweet William are leaders in all things delicious and allergen friendly. And their Chocolate Mini Bars are no exception; they’re dairy free, nut free, gluten free and lactose free chocolate - and the ideal size to keep your chocolate cravings in-line.

Loving Earth White Chocolate

Finding a dairy free white chocolate is kind of like stumbling across utopia. You hope that it exists but you’re not sure how to find it or what it will look like once you get there. Be it by chance or hard-hitting detective work, Loving Earth’s White Chocolate is as close to heaven on earth as you’ll get. With it’s smooth texture and creamy taste that owes absolutely nothing to dairy related ingredients, this is one delicious bar of white chocolate. After all, Loving Earth is one of the most popular Australian vegan chocolate brands for a reason.

BSKT Mint Slice Chocolate Buttons

Bite sized and perfect, these are a mini treat for your tastebuds. If you’re partial to the classic combination of dark chocolate and mint you’ll love these BSKT chocolate buttons. All natural and raw, they’re made from 70% cacao and flavoured with a combination of natural vanilla and mint.

So whether you’re searching for vegan chocolate, dairy free chocolate, or a block made with clean ingredients, you’re sure to find something to fill your chocolate-loving heart with happiness here.  

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