Cobs Natural Popcorn Multipack Sea Salt & Vinegar (5Pk)

10 x 65g

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Cobs Natural Popcorn Multipack Sea Salt & Vinegar   (5Pk) 10x65g

Product Description

A big bag of little snacks, perfect for popping open whenever the munchies hit! A multipack of popcorn bursting with the delicious flavours of salt and vinegar for a zingy twist to a classic favourite. Cobs Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar popcorn is doused in a sea salt and cider vinegar seasoning to create a taste sensation that’ll give our tastebuds a kick (in a good way, we promise!). Like all Cobs popcorn these are made from natural ingredients, popped in 100% high oleic sunflower oil without the nasties thrown in to create a healthy whole food snack you can enjoy any time you’re craving something savoury. 

Ingredients: Popcorn (70%), sunflower oil, sea salt & cider vinegar seasoning (10%) (rice flour, natural food acids (acetic acid, citric acid, acetic sodium salt), sea salt, cider vinegar powder, mineral salt (potassium chloride), yeast extract, sugar).

ISBN: 933471400942   SKU: 69158

About the brand...

Cobs make superfood snack chips too, but the company is first and foremost about popcorn. Theirs is grown in Australia, carefully selected for quality, and then popped in small batches with expeller pressed mono-unsaturated high...

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