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Dr. McDougall Right Foods offer goodness on-the-go with their range of plant-based, vegan noodles and soup cups made according to the starch-based diet. Designed to offer nutrition with convenience, you can savour a nourishing cup of ramen or slurp a noodle dish from just about anywhere.

Why a starch based diet?

Centred around a starch heavy diet, The McDougall Program was founded as a way to help sufferers of chronic disease. According to the program a starch based diet of 90% starchy plant foods and 10% fruits and vegetables is key to living a healthy life. This ethos was the catalyst for their Right Foods line, offering their simplified way of eating in a healthy and convenient package where people can enjoy goodness even when they don’t have time to prep it themselves. 

Popular products

Sesame Chicken Rice Noodle Soup

Despite its name this noodle soup cup is entirely vegan friendly with no chicken in sight. But you wouldn’t know it for the taste! Featuring gluten free noodles that are steamed instead of fried, it’s also a low-calorie option with just 586kj per serve. 

Asian Spicy Kung Lao Noodles

The spicy kick in these authentic noodles will take your taste buds on a trip all the way to southern Asia, kicking even the most discerning craving to the kerb. The noodles are organic and are baked not fried so there’s just 0.5g saturated fat per serve and zero cholesterol. 

Vegan Pad Thai Noodle Soup

The authentic Pad Thai flavour and lack of salt and oil makes this a winning low-calorie snack you can prep in just minutes. It’s packed with flavour including real lime and chilli, plus a medley of vegetables to bring it all together. 

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