Frooze Balls

Jeremy Dixon’s Revive Café began offering these bliss balls to their customers but their machine couldn’t keep up with the demand. Being an Engineering man, Phil Nilsson showed his expertise by building a machine that could roll up some good bites. They started talking about the possibilities of doing business together and thanks to the encouragement of their wives they took action creating the now popular range of energy bites called Froozeballs.

Oh no!
Frooze Balls is no longer available!

Raw fruit-and-nut Frooze Balls started as a hand-rolled offering at Jeremy Dixon’s Revive Cafe wholefood eateries. Customers loved them; staff not so much, as preparation was quite labour-intensive. Enter Phil Nilsson, an engineer who designed a machine to automate the process, and the balls became a spinoff business several years later. No longer hand-rolled, but still just as natural and just as delicious as ever.