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H2Coco Pure Coconut Water (Pack of 3)


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H2Coco Pure Coconut Water (Pack of 3) 200ml

Product Description

Taking a cool, refreshing sip of H2Coco Pure Coconut Water is just like cracking open a fresh coconut – only easier! This delicious drink goes into the bottle the way it comes out of the coconut – pure and 100% natural, with no added sugar, no flavourings, no preservatives – nothing that wasn’t there to begin with. (Which also means no gluten, lactose or fat.) It’s a healthy treat anytime you’re thirsty, but coconut water’s high electrolyte content makes it an especially good choice for exercise hydration – it’s like a sports drink without all the sweeteners and chemicals. Can’t get enough coconut? You can also add this to smoothies, and even cook with it – try it in curries and baked goods.

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Did you know that coconut water oxidises (loses freshness) when exposed to sunlight? Coconut water in clear packaging may not be as fresh as H2Coco and it certainly will not stay fresh for as long. H2Coco use Tetra Paks, the only...

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