Rochway Organic Wheatgrass, Beetroot & Carrot Probiotic 750ml

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Looking for a natural detoxifyer? Then you should try Rochway Organic Wheat Grass, Beet Root, Carrot drink that is packed with a ton of antioxidants and covers up to 30% of your daily vegetable intake.The healthy mix of antioxidants from three plants are concucted to give your body a probiotic punch every time you take a sip. 

Wheat grass is a powerful detoxifier containing chlorophyll, beetroot has beta-carotene and betaine, and carrots have cartonenoids and vitamins important for helping digestion and improving your immunity. 

Combining three healthy benefits of wheat grass, beet root and carrot provides a drink that is filled with nutrients to improve your health and well-being. 

  • Increases energy levels
  • Great for diabetics
  • Improves digestion
  • A natural detoxifyer
  • Promotes red blood cell production
  • Reduces the risk of free radical damage
  • Contains Vitamins A, C, E, amino acids, calcium and magnesium
  • A suitable supplement while on a weight loss diet 

About the brand...


Rochway produces nutraceutical  products – which are based on food extracts demonstrated to provide a physiological benefit or have a medicinal effect on an individual’s health when consumed. In particular, Rochway specialises in probiotic products that contain live microorganisms, i.e. good bacteria, that when administered, positively affect the host’s state of health by improving the properties of the original micro-flora in the digestive system. Their products are made from natural ingredients that are grown in Australia  without the use of herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilisers. Thus, Rochway products are truly nature’s medicine.

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Rochway Wheatgrass,Beetroot,Carrot Probiotic 750ml

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