Ecokaps Glass Cleaner Bottle & Tablet Kit

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  • Eco Friendly
  • Tablets are quick dissolving
  • Deliver an excellent clean
  • Super easy to use
Ecokaps Glass Cleaner Bottle & Tablet Kit

Product Description

The perfect way to get started
Just one bottle and one tablet means this is the perfect way to get started using ECOKAPS glass cleaner.

The ECOKAPS Glass Cleaning Tablet leaves a superb streak-free finish and easily fits through the top of any regular spray dispenser bottle. It's great for home and commercial use.

Each kit contains: 1 x 8g glass cleaning tablet and 1 x 500ml Aluminium Spray bottle

Tablet scent: Lavender

A great quality clean
We've spent years developing the very best quality soluble cleaning products, so rest assured our cleaning tablets are a great quality match compared to other eco and less eco-friendly options.

Common sense for the common good
The environmentally friendly way to manage your household or commercial cleaning.

  • Stop using single-use plastic bottles
  • Cost competitive with alternatives
  • Tablets are quick dissolving
  • Deliver an excellent clean
  • Save space in your home
  • Less shopping for cleaning liquid every year
  • Super easy to use
  • Reduce international shipping space & carbon emissions 

The 'smile & boogie' cleaning myth

Who believes that we all dance around smiling when we're cleaning like the advertisements all suggest we do? Well, ECOKAPS probably won't make you boogie, but we hope it will make you smile on the inside, because you'll know that you are hugely reducing your environmental impact when using this product.

At least that's something to be pleased about when you're cleaning!

Sodium bicarbonate, fumaric acid, sodium carbonate, sodium percarbonate, poly(ethylene glycol), sodium alpha-olefin sulfonate, sodium dodecyl sulfate, sodium fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether sulfate.

ISBN: 0754590276412   SKU: 1-ECOKGCBTK

About the brand...

Ecokaps is an innovative brand that is revolutionising the cleaning industry with its unique approach to sustainability. Their range of product lines consists of cleaning tablets that are designed to be simply dissolved in water...

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