Cake Mix Gluten Free

Entertaining or celebrating a special occasion with a cake these days often involves catering for a range of dietary requirements. Gluten free cake mixes can be an interesting and nutritious alternative to using regular wheat flour cake mixes, even if you’re not gluten intolerant or Coeliac! They often contain more fibre, protein and nutrients than regular white flour, and give a greater feeling of satiety, as well as being delicious!

Using a prepared cake mix also take the guess work out of getting the right balance of protein and moisture to create a Gluten Free cake that has the right consistency and tastes great!

Types of Gluten Free Flour Cake Mixes

Different Gluten Free cake mixes will use different combinations of flour – some GF flours might include  Coconut, Rice, Almond, or Banana Flour, just to name a few.  The types of flours used in the cake mix will include a combination to optimise flavour, moistness and texture.

Taste of Gluten-Free Cake Mixes

The type of GF flour used in the cake mix can impart a flavour, so depending on the flavour of the cake mix, the flour incorporated will enhance and complement the cake. Ie. Banana Flour goes well in banana cakes or muffins. 

Best Selling GF Cake Mixes

Melindas Chocolate Fudge Brownie is made in Australia from clean ingredients and produced in a gluten free facility. It is a moist decadent slice using lactose free dark chocolate.

Orgran Vanilla Cake Mix is a light moist cake made from natural ingredients. Also Vegan friendly, it is a great go to cake which can be decorated to your taste.

Naturally Good Chocolate Mud Cake Mix with an egg free option, creates a café quality cake which can be frozen.  

Well & Good Multipurpose Muffin Mix versatility means that you can bake not only muffins, but also cakes and waffles. Lower in sugar, you can add the flavour and sweetness to your taste.

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