Nirvana Organics Stevia Liquid Concentrate

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  • Organic
Nirvana Organics Stevia Liquid Concentrate 30ml

Product Description

Nirvana Stevia Liquid Concentrate is a 100% natural artificial sweetener that is alcohol-free and contains highly concentrated Stevia Liquid found in the South American leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni plant. Processed without chemicals, Stevia is convenient to carry in your purse or handbag, and is calorie-free and Zero GI making it the healthy replacement to artificial sweeteners and sugar. 

  • No additives
  • Highest quality of Stevia on the market
  • Perfect for weight-management and healthy blood-sugar levels

ISBN: 9338196000056   SKU: 95281

Nirvana Organics

About the brand...

Nirvana - Zero Calories, Zero Carbs. A perfect all-natural alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners.

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