Zuii Organic Cosmetics

Certified Organic by both Australian and European certifying bodies, Zuii’s cutting-edge cosmetics and skincare products benefit and beautify the skin with nourishing natural ingredients such as flower petals, essential oils and other plant extracts. They are not tested on animals and contain no petrochemicals, parabens or nanoparticles.

Certified Organic makeup

Certified Organic makeup needs to meet strict certification standards that are awarded by global associations who are dedicated to ensuring ingredients are safe, good for the environment, and free from synthetic and chemical ingredients. Zuii Organic's entire range is Certified Organic, with their raw ingredients carefully selected from sustainable sources prioritising monoculture where possible. Their Certified Organic makeup status means a minimum of 95% Certified Organic ingredients are used, with the remaining 5% derived from natural origins. For Zuii that means using flora-based ingredients like Rose, Jasmine, and Chamomile and essential oils for their vitamin-rich properties that nourish the skin. Some of the highest global standards for organic certification are BDIH, COSMOS & NASAA Organic, all of which Zuii Organic has proudly been awarded.

Why choose Certified Organic makeup

Choosing Certified Organic makeup is more than just choosing natural makeup. When you choose Certified Organic you're choosing to use only the very best all-natural ingredients on your skin, with no synthetic or chemical ingredients used in the final product, ever. The Certified Organic label ensures 95% of the ingredients used are certified organic, with the other 5% of natural origin. Whereas products labelled 'natural' or 'organic' but not Certified Organic are not regulated, and although some ingredients may be of natural or organic origin, the final product can also contain synthetics and chemicals. The strict criteria and certification process of the Certified Organic label guarantees that at least 95% of the ingredients used are organic, and 100% are of natural origin. All of Zuii Organic's products are proudly Certified Organic, made from a carefully selected blend of botanicals, essential oils, and other natural skin-loving ingredients.

Which Zuii Organic products are vegan?

Zuii Organic proudly offer a range of vegan friendly products, with many proudly carrying the Vegan Society's certification label. Certified vegan products include their Lux Flawless Liquid Foundations and Finishing Powder, Lux Lipsticks, Cheek and Lip Cremes, Contour and Shimmer Bronzers, Glow Highlighter, and many body care and tanning products. Zuii's range of vegan products is constantly growing as they add new products to their range and develop new vegan-friendly formulas for their existing products to accommodate the increasing demand for vegan friendly options. We've labelled any vegan products in the Zuii range so you can easily determine whether or not a product is Certified Vegan or Vegan Friendly. You can find a full list of Zuii's Certified Vegan and vegan friendly products here.

Where are Zuii Organic products made?

While the Zuii Organic range is loved the world over, their products are proudly Australian made with their manufacturing, processors, and dispatch all operating from their Gold Coast headquarters. Their dedicated Aussie team work to deliver quality Certified Organic flora-based products that are genuinely beneficial and nurturing for the skin. Zuii has a dedicated product development team who are constantly working to formulate products that enhance, hydrate, and nourish your skin by using the highest quality botanical ingredients they can find.

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