Tropeaka make powerful proteins, superfoods, vitamins, supplements and protein bars to support you on your healthy living journey. They choose organic and natural ingredients over processed, only putting the most nutritious ingredients from nature into everything they make.

Most Popular Products by Tropeaka

Tropeaka Lean Protein

This powerful protein is a favourite in the Tropeaka range for a reason. Made with a trio of powerful organic plant proteins with digestive enzymes for easier digestion, it’s packed with nutrients and rich in antioxidants. Lean Protein has been developed to aid muscle recovery and development but not the sciencey way, the natural way, without the addition of refined sugars, artificial nasties or unnatural flavours. Choose from Vanilla, Chocolate and Salted Caramel — each more delicious than the last — and conquer the day the healthy way.

Tropeaka Sarah's Day Body Bloom

Health and beauty should be synergistic. That’s why Tropeaka's Body Bloom targets digestion, skin, radiance and wellbeing in one functional (and delicious) Inner Health & Beauty Powder in collaboration with popular health and wellness advocate, Sarah, from Sarah’s Day. Made to help you get your glow on from the inside out, Body Bloom blends a long list of nature’s most beneficial superfoods and gut-loving ingredients. You’ll find everything from green banana resistant starch to Australian cherries inside, with a delicious natural berry flavour to keep things fresh and fruity. 

Tropeaka Acai Powder

Acai haČ™ been revered for centuries as a nutrient dense berry with credible super powers. Tropeaka have harnessed this brilliant berry, transforming certified organic açai berries into a sweet-tart powder that’s rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, and a source of calcium, zinc, magnesium, B vitamins and a slew of other nutrients (did we mention açai is a superfood?). This powder makes reaping those powerful nutrients a deliciously sweet, zingy affair.

Tropeaka Hair Complex

This is a complex blend of herbal and nutritional ingredients designed to promote strong, healthy hair. Biotin and zinc are known as hair’s best friend. Hair Complex combines these powerful ingredients with biota orientalis - an ingredient used in traditional Chinese medicine to promote healthy hair - selenium, vitamin C and silica to create a structure like no other supplement. The aim is an holistic approach to hair care. And Tropeaka have nailed it. 

Tropeaka Boost

Like the boost of a caffeine hit but hate the post caffeine-buzz crash? Tropeaka Boost is the antidote to this conflicting antithesis. Tropeaka have blended perfect proteins with synergistic superfoods like maca and mesquite to provide you with a protein- and nutrient-rich powder that supplies long lasting energy, supports muscle development and reduces workout-induced fatigue. The delectable choc caramel flavour is merely a bonus…

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