AMRITA COURT Nebuliser (Diffuser) Wooden Base Diamond Bird

Product Description

The 'Daimond Bird' Nebuliser - newly designed handmade and modern essential oil diffuser. Perfect for modern home. A truly exquisite unit to aromatise and sparkle up your household.

Utilising clever air pump technology the nebulising unit delivers a cool and pure atmospheric essential oil vapour.



100% soft pine wood painted with water based lacquer, with individually hand-blown glass reservoir.

  • Materials: Nordic beech and hand blown glass; 
  • Dimension: 110mm X 100mm X 210mm (H); 
  • Voltage: 5V; 
  • Volume: 30ml 
  • 7 Colour LED Light
ISBN: 0710535689273   SKU: 2-ARXNWDB
Amrita Court

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Amrita Court offer aromatherapy blends that focus on balancing the physical and psychological health for modern people who are seeking tranquility. Their diffusers are cool art pieces that add to your home and personal...

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