Lotus Organic Rolled Unstabilised Oats

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  • Organic
  • Raw, untreated oats
  • Good source of protein & fibre
Lotus Organic Raw Rolled Oats 750gm

Product Description

Lotus Organic Rolled Unstabilised Oats are produced from raw, husked oat groats that have been rolled into flakes immediately after husking skipping the steaming process. Oats contain a naturally occurring enzyme called lipase, which is deactivated when oats are heat-treated to produce stabilised oats. While this process makes the oats more shelf stable, extending their shelf life, it’s thought steaming the oats also removes important nutrients. 

Oats are a good source of protein and dietary fibre and come with a list of good-for-you vitamins and minerals too. Lotus have packaged only the best certified organic oats, free from GMOs, preservatives and additives. 

While these unstabalised oats may not last as long in your pantry (typically around 3 months) they’re a delicious, potentially more nutritious, way to enjoy an old fashioned bowl of porridge. Other ways you can enjoy them include in cookies, homemade muesli, snack bars, muffins, banana bread and slices. Lotus have packed these rolled oats in a resealable bag for freshness - for extra freshness try keeping yours in the fridge.

Ingredients: Unstabilised Rolled Oats.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Unstabilised Oats better for you? 
Proponents agree unstabilised oats are more likely to retain their nutritional value since the oats are raw and untreated when they’re unstabilised. 

What is the difference between Unstabilised rolled oats and rolled oats?
The difference between unstabilised rolled oats and rolled oats comes down to how the oats are processed. Regular rolled oats are steamed, or heat treated, to remove the enzyme lipase from the oats (which is responsible for breaking down fat). Removing this enzyme helps preserve the oats and affords them a longer shelf life. Unstabilised oats have not been ‘stabilised’, meaning they are raw and untreated leaving the lipase in tact. This means they won’t last as long in your pantry but proponents suggest unstabilised oats retain more of their nutritional value since they are unprocessed. 

How do you cook unstablised oats? 
Cooking unstabilised oats is not unlike cooking regular rolled oats, though they may take a little longer to cook. Typically 20 minutes will achieve a soft, cooked oat when making porridge. Pre-soaking the oats overnight may be helpful in reducing the cooking time.

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