Loving Earth Yacon Syrup

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  • Australian made
  • Gluten-free
  • Fair trade
  • Vegan
  • Certified organic
Loving Earth Yacon Syrup 250g

Product Description

A versatile low-calorie, low-GI sweetener with significant prebiotic properties, Loving Earth’s Yacon Syrup is refined from the roots of an Andean daisy that’s closely related to the sunflower and has a mild flavour reminiscent of treacle. It derives its sweetness from fructooligosaccharides (FOS), which aren’t metabolised by the human body and therefore don’t add calories. Because FOS isn’t digested in the stomach, it passes to the intestinal tract, where it acts as a prebiotic by serving as a food source for the probiotic bacteria that are so important to proper digestive function.

Add to desserts or smoothies or simply take daily for it's said health benefits. 

  • Low calorie
  • Low glycaemic index
  • Gluten and dairy free
  • No cane sugar

Ingredients: yacon syrup

What is Yacon Syrup?

Yacon Syrup is a natural sweetener made from the extracted juice of the yacon, a tuber vegetable native to South America. The syrup, which has a caramel-like taste that works well as a substitute for other syrup sweeteners such as honey and maple syrup, is low-GI and rich in fructooligosaccharides (FOS), a type of dietary fibre that acts as a prebiotic. This soluble fibre is unable to be digested by the body, therefore the calorie content of yacon syrup is comparatively low. By feeding the body's good bacteria, yacon syrup is thought to be beneficial in aiding digestion, boosting the immune system by helping to eliminate toxins.

Common uses of Yacon Syrup

Yacon Syrup can be used as a substitute for just about any other sweetener, working best in place of other syrups like maple syrup, honey, molasses, and rice syrups. It can be used in smoothies, stirred into yoghurt, on cereal, in your morning cuppa, or just about anywhere you would usually add a touch of sweetness. Due to the delicate nature of fructooligosaccharides (FOS), it is not recommended you use Yacon Syrup in cooking or baking as the fragile structure will break down in temperatures above 120°c.

Is Yacon Syrup keto?

Following a ketogenic regime can make it difficult to include sweet foods and drinks in your diet since many everyday sweeteners, like honey, maple syrup, and coconut sugar, are high in carbohydrates. Yacon Syrup contains a trio of simple sugars, glucose, fructose, and sucrose, and is considered an excellent low-carbohydrate option for anyone following a keto diet.

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