Massel Stock

Massel make all-natural plant-based liquid stock, stock cubes, gluten-free bouillon, and gravy everyone can enjoy. Prioritising great taste and premium quality ingredients Massel can help transform any meal into a flavour-packed one whether it’s a roast, soup, or pasta dish. 

A favourite with vegan and non-vegan health goers alike since 1982, Massel have been leading the way in plant-based stock and gluten-free bouillon products for over 30 years. Their steadfast values in creating an inclusive range have seen them pave the way for quality plant-based products that are healthier, tastier and suitable for everyone. 

With a focus on plant-based, Massel carefully select each ingredient, choosing premium vegetables and herbs with quality extra virgin olive oil and pure sea salt sourced from the Southern Ocean to bring it all together. But their ingredients list is just as much about what they leave out as it is what they put in. 

Massel prioritise the good stuff and leave out the bad stuff. You’ll never find any added MSG, refined sugar, artificial colours or preservatives in their ingredients lists, whether its their stock cubes, gluten-free bouillon, or any of their other products. As part of their all-inclusive philosophy all Massel products are GMO-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and wheat free while being kosher certified and produced in an entirely gluten-free and animal-product-free facility to ensure they’re entirely vegan-friendly and suitable for celiacs. 

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