Teelixir Wild Australian Bee Pollen  100g

Product Description

Made from 100% bee pollen harvested from wild Australian bees, this potent superfood is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and more than 250 active substances and micronutrients. Designed to boost energy and support immunity, Teelixir have harnessed the amazing benefits of bee pollen. Delicately harvested in a ‘bee-friendly’ fashion from conservation reserved and eucalypt forests in Western Australia, this bee pollen is as pure as it comes with zero advices, preservatives, or chemicals. 

Ingredients: 100% wild Australian bee pollen.

ISBN: 685674523057   SKU: 70289

About the brand...

Sometimes it seems like new “superfoods” are being discovered every day – but are they really all that super? Teelixir believes that the best place to find genuinely healing nutrition is in the time-tested...

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