White Magic King Size Eraser Sponge

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White Magic King Size Eraser Sponge - 28x11x4cm

Product Description

The White Magic King Size Sponge is the largest microfibre sponge that is four times larger than the original White Magic sponge, so it’s economical and lasts longer than any other White Magic sponge. At 28 x 11 x 4 cm, you can cut it any size to fit various types of cleaning jobs from scrubbing grease and hardened food spots from pots and pans to getting rid of grime from those hard to reach bath tub corners. Whatever cleaning job you need to get done, let the White Magic King Size Sponge do its magic by eliminating dirt instantly!

  • Size 28 x 11 x 4 cm. This is the largest White Magic Sponge from the whole family. It’s economical and saves you money because you can use it longer than any other cleaning sponge
  • Use White Magic King Size Sponge to remove grease and grime from cook tops
  • Erase scuff marks and dirt from floors, doors and walls
  • Gets rid of set-in dirt around the kitchen and outdoor furniture
  • Wipes away tough bathroom soap scum
  • Use for washing dishes, wiping down counters and tables

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White Magic is the market leader in the Australian and New Zealand Microfibre Cleaning market. In 2001 we were the first to launch the Microfibre Sponge into the Australian market and have since grown the range to include the...

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