Herbamare is a herbal seasoning salt made by natural-food lovers A.Vogel. Starting with pure sea salt they blend in organically-grown herbs and vegetables to create a deliciously savoury seasoning you can use in place of salt to enhance the flavour of any dish.

Carefully crafted in a dedicated facility in rural France, A.Vogel select organically grown herbs from surrounding fields blending them with sea salt within hours’ of selection. But this is just the beginning. The ingredients steep for a full year to intensify their flavour then they’re vacuum dried and blended again into a fine, flavourful powder to create a herb seasoning you’ll love to sprinkle on food.

Frequently asked questions

What is Herbamare used for?

Herbamare can be used in most recipes, bringing the delicious natural flavours of fresh herbs to anything you sprinkle it on. It can be used just like salt on your dishes, but it goes particularly well sprinkled over roast potatoes, pizza and pasta, smashed avocado, salads, roasts, BBQ meats and vegetables, in soups and stews, and so much more!

Is Herbamare better than salt?

Infused with 12 fresh herbs and vegetables, Herbamare offers a healthy way to season a meal. A mixture of pure sea salt and nature’s best flavour providers, it’s a great way to reduce your salt intake with the herbs and vegetables providing the boost of flavour your tastebuds crave. A.Vogel have designed Herbamare to replace conventional table salt, because herbs and vegetables are some of nature’s most flavourful ingredients. Herbamare is ideal for anyone looking to reduce their salt intake with a sprinkle giving you more flavour from less salt.

For those looking for low salt options Herbamare Low Salt offers a low sodium option as a substitute for salt that’s considered suitable for low sodium diets.

Where is Herbamare made?

Herbamare is made in a dedicated facility in rural Colmar in France, surrounded by the very herbs they blend into the mix to create their herbal seasoning salts.

What herbs are in Herbamare?

A herbal seasoning salt prepared with fresh, organically-grown herbs the ingredients list is is pure and simple - the way nature intended. Herbs used in the original Herbamare mix are chive, parsley, lovage, basil, marjoram, rosemary, and thyme. Like all A.Vogel products Herbamare ingredients are carefully selected from nature to ensure a quality product you’ll love to sprinkle on your food.

The full list of all the Herbamare ingredients are sea salt, celery leaves, leek, cress, onion, chive, parsley, lovage, garlic, basil, marjoram, rosemary, thyme, kelp (with trace iodine).

Is Herbamare low sodium?

The Original Herbamare is not considered low sodium, though it is a fantastic substitute for conventional table salt because a small sprinkle goes a long way. For anyone following a low sodium diet A.Vogel have created a low-salt Herbamare option that’s considered suitable for sodium restricted diets. Herbamare Low Salt provides all the flavour of the original Herbamare but with low sodium.

How do you use Herbamare?

Herbamare can be used in place of regular salt or even mixed herbs to add a depth of flavour to your meals the healthy way. Sprinkle into your cooking or over the finished product for a boost of flavour your tastebuds will love. Herbamare goes particularly well over roasted vegetables, smashed avocado, scrambled eggs, and more.

Is Herbamare gluten free?

Herbamare is entirely gluten free, made from a selection of fresh, organically grown herbs, vegetables and sea salt. A.Vogel use only the best natural ingredients to create their Herbamare range, making their Herbed Sea Salt without any gluten, lactose, milk protein, additives or preservatives.

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