Vege Chips

From humble market beginnings, Vege Chips have been a favourite Aussie snack for over 25 years. Starting out in the throngs of the Gold Coast and Byron Bay markets, their flavour-packed chips fast gained a cult following with their brand now a household name and their range of gluten-free snacks enjoyed internationally. From day one Vege Chips have been about creating healthy and delicious gluten-free snacks made from simple plant-based ingredients. Today they continue to expand their range, continually adding new and innovative flavours to their range.

Are Vege Chips gluten-free?

Absolutely. The Vege Chip Company is dedicated to providing health-conscious Aussies with gluten-free plant-based snacks they can enjoy without any concern over gluten contamination. To ensure each chip is 100% gluten-free, Vege Chips make their entire range in an exclusively gluten free processing facility, so you can snack with peace of mind - and absolutely no gluten. 

Are they suitable for vegans?

Vege Chips are are a delicious plant-based snack, making their range suitable for vegans with the exception of their Turmeric and Cheese Deli Crisps. The original Vege Chips are made with a base of cassava, a tropical root vegetable high in resistant starch and other key nutrients. Other chips in their range include legume-based and sweet potato crisps, and rice crackers.

Do Vege Chips contain less fat than regular chips?

With less than 1% saturated fat per 25g serve and a total of 30% less fat than regular potato chips, Vege Chips are an excellent choice for anyone looking to cut their intake of fats. Vege Chips use sunflower oil to create a great tasting chip that’s free from trans fats and boasts a host of health benefits thanks to the oil’s phytochemicals, vitamin E content, and omega 6 fats.

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